Top 5 Fire Spells in Wizard101

Wizard101 Fire spells

Wizard101 is one of the oldest MMO RPGs that are still up and running. Though most of the game is locked behind a paywall, many players still play it and enjoy its magical world. In Wizard101, you will step into a world of sorcery and learn about various spells. Many players join the Fire School as it seems solid and powerful. In this article, we talk about some of the best fire spells in Wizard101.

Wizard101: Top 5 Fire Spells to Use

Fire Spells are all about dealing explosive damage. Almost all fire spells deals damage to enemies. Some fire spells also provide healing. Fire spells can be considered a jack of all trades in Wizard101. Without further ado, let us look at the top spells from Fire School:

1) Fireblade

Fireblade is easily one of the best fire spells in Wizard101. It gives a 35% damage boost to your next fire spell. As fire spells are already loaded with too much damage, Fireblade is an excellent spell to use. Moreover, you get it pretty early in the game. If you are from Fire School, Fireblade is given to you for free.

2) Meteor Strike

Meteor Strike

Meteor Strike is a damage-type fire spell that deals 305-345 damage to all enemies. Like Fireblade, Meteor Strike is also obtainable in the early game. You can get it from Dalia Falmea, the fire magic professor. Using Fireblade with Meteor Strike will help you clear enemies easily.

3) Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon is like Meteor Strike but better and stronger. A Fire Dragon will deal 440 and 351 fire damage to all enemies for three rounds repeatedly. You can get this spell by completing the Tower of the Inferno quest.

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4) Backdraft


Backdraft is one of the most helpful fire spells in Wizard101. Many fire wizards like to use this spell in both PVP and PVE battles. It adds a trap with +15% per pip to the next fire damage spell on a single target. You can get it by completing the Always After Me Charms quest.

5) Burning Rampage

Burning Rampage

Burning Rampage is a damage-dealing spell that deals 70 damage first, then a whopping 700 damage for two rounds. To get this spell, you will have to farm the Lambent Fire boss.

Other than these, there are many great spells in Wizard101. If you got any recommendations for this list, feel free to share them in the comments!

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Top 5 Fire Spells in Wizard101


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