Top Best Roblox Tycoon Games to Play in 2022


Roblox servers are filled with tons of Tycoon games where you can become a collector, restaurant owner, or whatever. But no matter who you are, your purpose in games of this genre is to rise from the bottom and become the best of the best in your business. Finding really good games in this genre is not so easy, but we did it for you and picked up the top 5 best tycoon games on Roblox servers.

Top Best Roblox Tycoon Games to Play in 2022

Work at a Pizza Place

In this game, you will need to work in a pizzeria. At first, the game will seem simple, but over time, you will realize that it is not. With each game hour, buyers will be more demanding, and what type of employee you choose will determine what difficulties you will experience. Every employee has both strengths and weaknesses. And to become the best of the best in your business, you will have to try hard. After all, the better you work, the more money you will earn to improve your home.

Restaurant Tycoon 2

This is another restaurant game, but unlike the previous one, here you are the owner. Your task is to create the perfect restaurant from scratch, and that’s great. You will have the opportunity to make absolutely everything according to your desire, from the shape and decor of the building to the dishes that you will serve to guests. And the better your establishment is, the more you can earn.

Retail Tycoon 2 Roblox

In this game, you need to buy land and create your shop. You need to find materials and decor to build, as well as the goods that you will sell. In the beginning, it will be very difficult, but later, with the profits you make, you will be able to buy more and more goods for sale and hire new employees. But also do not forget to monitor the safety of your store, because thieves can come at any time.

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Theme Park Tycoon 2 Roblox

In this game, you have to manage a large amusement park. You can do whatever you want, namely create new rides, hire new employees, build new buildings or install new decorations. But do not forget that you need to properly manage your finances so that one day you do not end up bankrupt.

Anime Tycoon Roblox

In this game, you have to become an anime collector, but instead of collecting manga, you will collect popular anime characters. You can also sell the received heroes to buy more rare and unique characters with the money you earn. Thus, over time, you can collect the largest collection in the game.

These were all the best Roblox Tycoon games we wanted to tell you about. So do not waste time and go to one of them to quickly become the best of the best in your business.

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Top Best Roblox Tycoon Games to Play in 2022


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