How to Become Manager in Roblox Work At A Pizza Place


Work At A Pizza Place is a Roblox workplace RPG where players can act out the fun and exciting experience of working at a pizza restaurant. You can take on any role in the restaurant, whether it’s a cashier who serves customers, a cook in the kitchen, a pizza boxer, a delivery person, a supplier, or even the manager.

In the guide below, you can learn how to become the manager in Work At A Pizza Place.

Roblox Work At A Pizza Place manager guide

Players take on various roles at the Builder Brothers Pizza Place to earn Coins to spend on upgrading and furnishing their home. Apart from working and decorating their home, you can also visit other players, have parties, and explore other islands.

To earn a paycheck, you can work as a Cashier, Cook, Delivery, Supplier, Pizza Boxer, or Manager. Each role has its own tasks to fulfill, and everyone can earn a paycheck.

Manager of Work at a Pizza Place (via Roblox)

Players who choose to be a Manager can give bonuses to employees, award one of them Employee of the Day, put employees to work or kick them out, and even fire any worker who has zero stars. They can also perform any task at the pizza place if they choose to.

Only one person can be Manager at a time, but they can be kicked from the position if 8 workers vote against them.

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If a Manager wants to leave and go on a break to attend a party or enter a house, they will lose their position as Manager, and another player can take their place. Players who had purchased the Manager Teleport card will be notified, and the first to teleport to the office takes up the role of Manager.

Becoming Manager is easy, but it does take a bit of luck. To become Manager, a player must go to the Office and sit in the black office chair. As long as no other player has already taken the role, the job will be yours!

That is all for becoming the Manager of Builder Brothers Pizza in Work At A Pizza Place in Roblox. Check out more guides by visiting the Roblox section.

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How to Become Manager in Roblox Work At A Pizza Place


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