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Top Base Spots in Fjordur ARK: Survival Evolved 

Top Base Spots in Fjordur ARK: Survival Evolved 

In ARK: Survival Evolved your base is definitely a key to success. You will spend most of your time on your base and collect all gained resources there. That is why the location of your base is the most important thing. The spot should be safe and comfortable so that you can travel fast. What are the top base spots in Fjordur ARK: Survival Evolved? Read this guide, and you will find out.

Best Base Locations in Fjordur ARK: Survival Evolved

Fjordur is the newest location in ARK. Therefore, it is not filled with buildings at this moment. So, even now you can find some suitable base spots for you. However, finding those locations yourself might be quite a complicated quest. And here is the solution. Continue reading the guide to get two perfect base spots in the newest location. 

Lava Cave

This cave is the best place to locate your base in Fjordur. You can find the entrance to this cave using the coordinates 91.5/78.0. Also, do not care about the lava, the bottom layer will not kill you. You can swim in it like in water. The main advantage of this base is that only a small number of players know about this glitch. Therefore, your resources will be completely safe if you use this cave as the base location.

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Water Cave

This cave is located pretty close to the lava cave but has its own specific. To find it, navigate using the coordinates 86.2/98.1. Here you will find a big cave under the water, and you will be supposed to dive into it. It will take you a lot of time. This is the only disadvantage of this base. However, it is the safest place to keep your resources. Therefore, you can use it as an alternative base, but not as the main. 

These were 2 best bases on the newest map. Hurry up to take them first! That is all, hope you consider this guide helpful!

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Top Base Spots in Fjordur ARK: Survival Evolved 


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