Top 5 Best Survival Games On iOS App Store

Top 5 Best Survival Games on iOS App Store

Over the years, survival games have lured a larger fan base. This mega gennere of gamplay has seen significant development, partially starting its journey from Minecraft. Now especially with landmark games like PUBG interest has spiked in even those who had no affinity for gaming. Besides, how often does one get to hoard, loot, kill, eat scraps and experience the likes of Bear Grylls in reality? 

So here are the top 5 Best Survival Games on iOS App Store to give you the best possible immersive experience of actually making it through the toughest times. 

Top 5 Best Survival Games On iOS App Store

Don’t Starve

In this game, you assume the role of a scientist named Wilson who is lost in an almost haunted and unforgiving world. He is anxious of what disturbing secrets this world has to uncover. He gets hungry, cold and has to face strange creatures and discover biomes from time to time. Wilson’s objective is to make it back home by building technology from the scratch. Each perma-death in this game is a big learning for your next session. 

Westland Survival

Developed by Helio Games, this game was designed to fulfill your wish to be a cowboy and win through every challenge that came your way. The world you have to survive in is an uninhibited wilderness. Interacting with NPC and other players, you will have to use available resources mindfully to build shelters overnight and ultimately manage your own ranch. 

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Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Have you ever imagined a world where there is no one and it is only you? Or did this ever occur in one of your dreams? Clever Raven has brought this to life on your iPhones and iPads with Cataclysm: DDA. With a cryptic UI, this tough contender of Dwarf Fortress will make you fight monsters and look for fuel or food residues all by yourself in this lonely world. 

Radiation Island

Atypical Games brings to you a truly atypical experience with Radiation Island, an open world game where you have to face the most extreme conditions to finally return back home. a Carnivorous fauna along with gore zombies are ready to attack you. Additionally, environmental hazards, weather extremities and a disturbing day-night cycle will add the cherry on the top to your life in Radiation Island. 

Ocean Nomad

After enough of land adventures, you might realise that what really scares us is the vastness and seemingly infinite depth of oceans. Raft: Ocean Nomad provides an addictive experience with a story that involves you surviving the ocean on a raft. You will face plenty of ocean-borne dangers, including sharks and you will have to work out ways to tackle them. 

So, did you survive in any of these top 5 Best Survival Games on iOS App Store? Let us know.

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Top 5 Best Survival Games On iOS App Store


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