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Best Games Like BitLife – Life Simulator

Check out our selection of the best games like BitLIfe to ensure that the fun never stops.

BitLife is undeniably a great game, but if you want a change in pace and tone or just wish to try something else, we’re here to share with you a detailed list of the best games like BitLife – Life Simulator. You’ll probably be surprised to see that there are quite a few similar games to choose from, but whether they match the quality of BitLife itself is only yours to judge.

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Just before we get started, you should know that we’ve published some tips and tricks for playing BitLife, which are really helpful if you want to live a long, happy life in the game. We also have an article on how to get a dream job and make more money in BitLife, so make sure to check these pieces out as well before you move on to one of these recommendations below.

Now, without further ado, these are the best games like BitLife on mobile devices in our opinion.

Another Life – Life Simulator

Another Life
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A great game that feels almost like an extension of BitLife, offering numerous paths to follow, careers to unlock, and various challenges and gameplay modes (including those where you become the richest CEO in the world or a superhero).

Another Life is the perfect game for players who are looking for something that feels very similar to the original, but with a different approach, new stories, and slightly lower difficulty levels than those of Bitlife. Still, if you get stuck and need some help getting better at this game, make sure to check out our Another Life guide with the best tips and tricks.

Download Another Life for free from Google Play or App Store.

The Life Simulator

The Life Simulator
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Another game that feels like BitLife is the iOS exclusive called The Life Simulator. It comes with more than 15 starting life scenarios, and then, it’s your job to go from rags to riches by making smart choices. In The Life Simulator, you can do standard life events, like buying a property or starting your own company, but there is so much more to explore—buying pets, trading in cryptocurrency, releasing tracks as a DJ, and even saving the world from the pandemic.

Download The Life Simulator from App Store.


Image via Tech Consolidated INC.

Another game of choices that make up a good life, Simulife is hoping to steer you in the direction of becoming a good person, but the ultimate choice is, of course, yours. Becoming the pride of your family, living with a spouse and a child, and choosing a lifestyle that puts your health first are all dependent on your decisions. And if you choose poorly, you will see your health, wealth, and happiness deteriorate, just like in real life!

Download Simulife from Google Play or App Store.

Your Life Simulator

Your Life Simulator
Image via Mark Varlamov

If you love spending time in your room and reveling in the joys of your introverted lifestyle, you might want to try this life simulator. Your PC is your only point of contact with the outside world, and you can make your avatar happy by purchasing pillows or posters with your favorite characters on them. It may sound a bit bleak at first, but Your Life Simulator can be fun in its simplicity—and there are pets, too!

Download Your Life Simulator from Google Play or App Store.

Nirvana – Game of Life

Nirvana Game of Life
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This life simulator game relies on the concept of reincarnation—you’re a soul that goes from body to body and experiences different lives in an attempt to reach nirvana. You will need to choose carefully when deciding on different aspects of your life, including money, health, happiness, or popularity, while you live as a wizard, superstar, gangster, or assassin. The best part of this game is its humor, and it can serve as a great pick-me-up after a stressful day at work.

Download Nirvana – Game of Life from Google Play or App Store.

The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile wedding
Image via Electronic Arts

No life simulator games list can end without mentioning The Sims. While the gameplay concept is different compared to BitLife, the main idea is the same—you get to live a simulation of a life you’ve always wanted to try. The Sims Mobile gives you a chance to create and customize your avatar and live in a fully realized 3D world. What you will do with the opportunities that come your way is only your decision—have a career you’ve always dreamed of, focus on creating a family, or just laze away in your apartment with some friends or neighbors.

Download The Sims Mobile from Google Play or App Store.

That concludes our list of recommendations for the best games like BitLife. Have you found any other alternatives worth sharing with others? If you do, let us know by commenting below! In the meantime, check out our list of the best games with high-quality graphics for Android and iOS devices that are worth playing in 2023.

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Best Games Like BitLife – Life Simulator


    • I can’t have any of these and I came to this site because my mom has restrictions on my phone so I can’t have 12+ games (I am 14) so I cant have any of these except one that I tried and did not like

        • 12 year old me “WHY CANT I GET BITLIFE-”
          Mom “Because blah blah blah-
          12 year old me *already installed every app that is like bitlife to play*
          Mom “Let me see your phone”
          12 year old me “Let me tell my friends bye”
          Mom “Hurry up.”
          12 year old me *deletes all apps, texts and everything else*

  1. Randomly downloaded BitLife not knowing what it was and it sucked me in like a vortex – I got two hours sleep before work last night because I couldn’t get off the damn thing

  2. Another alternative, is ‘Alter Ego’ It’s free, if you want to wait around 4-20 mins between each stage of life or buy it for around 4 quid. I have the free version and the wait doesn’t really bother me I love it but idk do whatever I guess.

  3. I played Instlife before Bitlife, And Have too little room for Bitlife, so I went here. And i’ve played all the games on this list exept The last one. I have a positive review for them all. And I personally like Lifebsimulator more than Life simulator 2. It just seems better.

  4. All of you saying “ew no bitlife copied instlife!!!!” it doens’t really matter, just play and enjoy whichever you want because if we’re being honest they both copied The Sims.

  5. Ancient life is also text-based life simulation game which also very similar with Bitlife. The game is based on ancient Chinese. It’s so much fun playing it. I think it has a bit different features than bitlife which is you can gain talent and fate by using a jade(got the jade by completed daily task and life cycle reward) Go check out the game yourself for more information. Have fun.. *recommended* ^_^


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