PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifles
PUBG Mobile Best Assault Rifles

Many PUBG Mobile players pick up Assault Rifles because they make excellent weapons for close and mid-range combat. ARs are easy to use and boast higher accuracy. Compared to snipers, ARs have a higher rate of fire. The ammo capacity is okay-ish. Overall, an Assault Rifle is an all-rounder.

Clearly, an Assault Rifle is good to have as a secondary or even as a primary weapon. Now, which one is the best AR to pick up? Here is a list of some of the top ARs that you should pick up.

PUBG Mobile: 5 best Assault Rifles to Pick Up


Undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile players favour Groza more than any other Assault Rifle. This is because it deals damage of 47 alongside a high rate of fire. But as luck would have it, this AR is only found in air drops.

If you are lucky to get your hands on a Groza, make sure you don’t empty the magazine quickly. The only not-appealing thing about Groza is its slow reload speed.


Image via PUBG Survivor’s Guide

M416 is another favourite with the players. It has a slightly higher rate of fire and has a damage of 40. However, the best part of the gun is its flexibility. You can put on a bunch of attachments on it including stock, muzzle, magazine, and more.

After a few attachments, you will find this weapon quite stable. Moreover, its low recoil makes it easier to use.


Image via PUBG Survivor’s Guide

AKM is an improvement over AK-47. It is a power-packed AR that can punch holes through military vests within five shots. You can attach a magazine and a muzzle along with a sight assist.

However, AKM is better suited to close and mid range combat. Beyond 50 meters, the accuracy and damage reduces. Moreover, the recoil makes it difficult to place an accurate aim.

2Beryl M762

Image via PUBG Survivor’s Guide

Beryl M762 is another popular AR in PUBG Mobile. The gun is quite versatile and you can attach a muzzle, magazines, sights, and other lower rail attachments. Beryl M762 hits a damage of 44 and has a higher rate of fire than SCAR-L.

However, Beryl M762 has a higher recoil. To control the recoil, you will have to attach a foregrip.


Image via PUBG Survivor’s Guide

Another treasure from the air drops is AUG A3. The weapon is amazingly stable and has more muzzle velocity. It has a range of 70m and beyond this point, the damage is compromised. To enhance the gun’s performance, you can attach muzzles, magazines, sights, and lower rails.

However, AUG A3 has a painfully slow reload time and somewhat tardy rate of fire. Additionally, getting you hands on this gun is quite a tussle at the airdrop.

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