After the huge craze that was Flappy Bird, and the craze that spawned a ton of games like Flappy Bird, more and more people are starting to get really annoyed by all the Flappy games invading the App Store. If you’re one of them, you can kick off some steam by giving Bird Sniper a try. I guarantee you’ll like it.

An extremely simple game – and actually pretty difficult – Bird Sniper challenges you to shoot as many Flappy Birds as possible withing a short limit of time. Since you have them so much, you will want to shoot more and more, and to increase time you will be allowed to shoot blue clocks that give you 5 extra seconds. Shooting a red clock takes 5 precious seconds from your time and shooting a bomb is instant game over. Pretty simple in concept, but difficult to get a high score worthy for the leaderboards. But it offers what many others don’t: the chance to get your revenge on the Flappy Bird!

So if you’re tired of all the Flappy games, why not try Bird Sniper? It’s time for that impossible bird to dieeeee!


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