Flappy Bird Cheats: Tips and Tricks to Get Higher Scores


I don’t think that I have played a game that is more frustrating than Flappy Bird, but strangely this little detail doesn’t stop me from playing it over and over again until I am red with anger and close to throwing my device at the nearest wall. I am here to share with you a set of Flappy Bird tips and tricks that will help you get a better score, but most important, keep your iPhone or iPad save from the side effects of this game. Because in the end, it’s just a game that’s meant to be impossible and insanely challenging – one that you cannot win.

So let’s check out some very basic and simply Flappy Bird tips and tricks that you should always follow and have in mind when playing (there are also Flappy Bird hacks that help you get higher scores, but then the entire fun/anger coming from the game disappears).

1. Relax, relax, relax
9 out of 10 tries, I don’t even get to 10 points. Probably half of my tries end up in misery, close to 3-4 points. That, obviously, can drive you crazy. Let me rephrase that. That WILL drive you crazy. The madder you get, the worse you will perform and the more upset you’ll get. So try to relax. Take a deep breath, count to five and give it another go. Two seconds later, you’ll restart the game. Relax, we all do!

2. Take breaks
I don’t think you can remain sane if you play this game for more than 10 minutes in a row. Take a break, relax (again) and only return to Flappy Bird when you are completely fresh. If you are angry AND tired, that spells disaster – and not only in the game.

3. Exercise the double taps
Quick fingers and double taps – that’s the key to getting a score as high as possible, so quickly and gently tap the screen for more control.

4. Practice, practice, practice
When you already know how to relax during the game and you are already taking regular breaks, approach Flappy Bird like a professional gamer: consider it a job, one where you must practice and fail and try again until your fingers hurt. Only by practicing you will learn to anticipate the falling speed of your bird and how and when to tap.

5. Remove any screen covers
Having a screen cover protects your device’s display, but might also reduce its sensibility and milliseconds can make a difference here. So for maximum gains, try to play on a device that has no screen cover.

6. Understand that is is an impossible game
Really, this game is not made to be won – it’s just an insanely well done impossible game. There’s no finish line, there’s not “You won” – it’s an endless runner that tests your mind more than anything else.

7. *NEW* Master the fall
After several hours of play, I have some new tips. Clearly, the most important thing you should do is master the fall. In other words, learn to tap when you’re low to get the exact height you need to just scrape through the hole. If you panic and tap too soon, you will hit the top pipe and it will be game over for you. So learn to let the bird fall and hit the screen exactly a millisecond before it’s about to hit the bottom pipe – this way you will get through all the pipes, guaranteed!

8. *NEW* Try to stick to the middle of the screen
Clearly, once you’re in the run, you won’t have much time to adjust, but try to always keep the bird as close as possible to the middle of the screen to make both descends as well as quick rises possible.

So, yeah, there’s not much to say about the insanely popular Flappy Bird – it’s not really a game of skill, but one of patience. So if you have that, go for it! And let us know if you manage to hit 50 points! Also, if you have other tips to share, tips that will help fellow players, let us know too!

[UPDATE]: If you can’t get enough of Flappy Bird, why not check out our list of Games Like Flappy Bird? Maybe you’ll find a better game!

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Flappy Bird Cheats: Tips and Tricks to Get Higher Scores



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