Tiny Tower fans, it’s time to get building again. NimbleBit, the team behind the series, has finally released today the new entry of the series called Tiny Tower Vegas.

Some gamers already had the chance to play Tiny Tower Vegas around a month ago, when the game was soft launched on the Canadian Store. Luckily now gamers from all over the world finally have the chance to build their casino-towers and love every second of their building endeavors.


Aside from the Casino setting, Tiny Tower Vegas doesn’t play too differently from Tiny Tower or the Star Wars themed Tiny Death Star. Players will have to build a tower on different levels, hire people to work and see the cash coming in. The gameplay experience is spiced up by the usual missions that can be completed for extra cash and other rewards.

If you already played other entries of the series, you already know that Tiny Tower Vegas is not going to be a really involving game. It’s a nice title that’s perfect to play for a few minutes and then just move on onto something else.

Tiny Tower Vegas is now available for free on the App Store.




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