The Star Wars series has an undeniable charm that makes everything related to it good.

Over the years its iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, the Stormtroopers and many others have appeared in some unique ways in a lot of different games, making the experience instantly enjoyable.


The latest Star Wars game to get released on the App Store is a free to play game that manages to be incredibly engaging despite not offering anything much different from the competition.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a new take on the gameplay experience introduced by Tiny Tower. Instead of building a tower, in Tiny Death Star you will be building the dreadful Death Star.

Everything in Tiny Death Star works just like in Tiny Tower, with a few exceptions. You will still be earning money by creating businesses inside a tower like structure, create apartments for your Bitizens, stock the shops with items to sell and assign particular Bitizens to the jobs they love best.

A new addition to the Tiny Tower formula are the Imperial levels, which require specific characters in order to complete a set task given by the Emperor himself. The Emperor will also give all wannabe Sith Lords some simple missions that will help you make some extra money.

The game looks really really good, despite sporting an old school graphical style. The game has a lot of personality that emanates from pretty much everything in its presentation like the background music tracks, inspired by the classic Star Wars original soundtrack, the sound effects and the game’s sprites.

As addictive as it can be in the first few hours, the game loses its appeal over time. It’s the same issue found in Tiny Tower and many other games like it: without a real end to the game you can go on forever but you’ll soon feel like there’s no reason to keep going once you have been doing the same (few) things over and over.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is not exactly a fresh experience, being for the most part Tiny Tower with a new theme and presentation. The Star Wars fanservice, however, makes it quite enjoyable even for those who have played Tiny Tower to death. You will probably not be playing this game for long but you’ll have plenty of fun while doing so, that’s for certain.

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