The Awakener: Forgotten Oath Review – The Next-Level Horde Survival You Need!

Read my thoughts below in The Awakener: Forgotten Oath review!

I’ve managed to get my hands on The Awakener: Forgotten Oath, and let me tell you one thing: it’s not what I expected, at all – in a good way. So, here’s The Awakener: Forgotten Oath review (along with a couple of tips, because I couldn’t help it)!

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The Background

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath is a single-player roguelike action developed by Taner Games and published by Gamera Games.

As a player, once you start rolling the game, you will take upon the role of the “Awakener” – a warrior who was summoned by the Gods of Therad in order to fight the Demon Lord and prevent its revival. At least, that’s what the storyline is trying to portray.

It’s by no means the deepest, most entertaining backstory out there, but it is something, nonetheless. If you’re interested solely in the battle aspect of the game, then you’re good.

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath starts off with a very short tutorial that explains the very basic aspects of its combat system. Are you familiar with hack n slash games? No problem then, you’re set. The combat system is intuitive and easy to adapt to.

Yay for Controller Support!

For those of you who can’t stay away from their controller, I’ve got good news: the game fully supports controllers, and even though it’s apparent that it was optimized for the use of a controller, I have to say that it didn’t feel bad playing it with a keyboard and a mouse (personal preference when it comes to PC games).

You can, of course, change the key bindings to your liking through the “Settings” menu at any time. In fact, if you’re used to playing with specific keys, I strongly advise you to adjust the controls.

Progression: Unexpected at First, Fun Once You Get the Hang of It

I must admit that I was a bit confused at the beginning about how to actually progress through the game, but soon enough everything made sense. So, let me break it down for you.

The idea behind the game is that you, the player, enter a dungeon-like realm (of 31 stages) to fight hordes of enemies until eventually challenge the Demon Lord. After clearing each stage, you will be rewarded with Sivalonde coins that you can use later on, as well as “Fighting Will”.

Right after that, you can choose between 3 different paths, each with different rewards and challenges. Depending on the path you’ve chosen, the enemies and rewards will change. Obviously, the better the rewards, the harder the enemies are going to be.

Screenshot via Touch, Tap, Play

Every available stage has it’s own unique characteristics. For example, if you select “Ordinary Place” you’ll be met with hordes of common enemies that you have to eliminate. It’s not much of a challenge, so the rewards are not amazing either. You can always check the rewards for each of your options before you decide.

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If you go with “Land of Opportunity” you will enter a stage where you get access to a shop. This is where your Sivalonde coins come in handy. You will be able to exchange them for various items such as relics, potions etc.

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When it comes to the “Fighting Will” path, things get interesting. Every time you reach a certain Fighting Will threshold you can acquire a new passive skill that will enhance you in various ways. It’s up to you to find the ones that better fit your playstyle, and even come up with interesting, unique builds. This is one of my personal favorites, I have to admit.

Hopes and Potions

Keep in mind that you start the game with 80 HP and 3 potions at your disposal. Thankfully, these can be refilled by entering the “Sanctuary” or “Land of Opportunity”. Use them wisely, because I’ve come to learn the hard way that you will probably need them later on, especially in boss fights.

Are There Actually Different Classes?

When you’re just starting out, you will play as a Warrior. It might be a little bit confusing, because you might want to play as something else (I know I did). So, what’s the deal with the different classes?

I have come to learn that there are 3 available classes in the game. However, here’s the thing: you do not have access to them from the start. You can unlock them by interacting with the NPCs at the main lobby and giving them Echoe Souls.

So, how do you get Echoe Souls in The Awakener: Forgotten Dream?

Echoe Souls can be acquired as a reward by completing various stages in the dungeon. Is it worth it? Yes, if you want to try out every class; No, if you just want to complete the game and keep on farming.

When it comes to completing the game and class strength, they are all equally viable. It’s all about your preference. You should try them all out and find out which one is that you enjoy the most.

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Conclusion – A Fun Souls-like Roguelike Worth Your Time!

If you love the genre, but want nothing to do with narratives and back stories, the game is definitely for you. I had a blast coming up with unique builds and different strategies, and it felt like I could really enjoy the battle aspect of the game to the fullest extent! Of course, there were smaller details (like in every other game) that didn’t feel right at times, but I quickly forgot about them once I started another battle.

All in all, The Awakener Forgotten Oath is a great choice, especially if you’re new to the genre! And if you want more, we have a list of the best roguelike games for mobile you can check out right now!

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The Awakener: Forgotten Oath Review – The Next-Level Horde Survival You Need!