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Snowbreak: Containment Zone Review

Snowbreak: Containment Zone Review
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Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a free-to-play third-person action RPG from Seasun Games released cross-platform on IOS, Android, and PC. The Titans have devastated a city, leaving behind a dangerous wasteland named ‘Containment Zone Aleph’. It is your job to lead a paramilitary group to defeat them to end the war with the Titans. If you are thinking about downloading this newly-released RPG to help end the perpetual winter that the Titans have brought upon the city, find out what we thought when we played Snowbreak: Containment Zone.

Initial Thoughts Playing Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Waking up as if from a deep sleep and with just fragments of memories, you are given the role of an Adjutant, an apparently highly respected job fighting against mighty Titans. It’s an interesting premise and if you ignore the fact the majority of characters are clichéd waifu types with pretty 2D personalities, it’s not too bad.

If you are unfamiliar with action shooters like this one you will definitely benefit from completing the tutorial at the start. It guides you through the controls and gives a taste of what is to come. It also gives you a choice of shooting modes and movement modes, depending on what you want from the game and how familiar you are with the controls. In light of that, the controls are very intuitive and aren’t hard to get to grips with. It is the standard movement on the left and aiming/looking around on the right, the same as many battle games on mobile.

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I found it pretty fun to use the dodge and cover moves, and the special skills which honestly add a bit of variety to what could be a pretty simple shooter without them. As you progress you will get to know different characters and weaponry, along with everyone’s special skills. Unlocking extra characters and weaponry happens in a standard gacha feature, which I am not a big fan of generally but it seems to come with the territory when playing RPGs at the moment.

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There is some good characterization here and there and the script is ok, not as cringe-worthy as some I have experienced. It has a pretty standard sci-fi RPG plot, nothing too mind-blowing or groundbreaking. To get the most out of Story Mode it is obviously best to take each scene as it comes and not to skip the dialogue, which is difficult if you are impatient for the action like I am. I honestly had to hold myself back from just skipping through it all to get to the battles which is either a testament to my own impatience or the lack of engaging plot-line.

Final Thoughts – Should You Play It?

The graphics are pretty good, cutscenes are exciting with above-average animation but again, not really the most amazing game I have played on mobile. I think this is one of those games I would recommend to someone I know who already likes games like this and would play it solidly for a couple of weeks or so, but I certainly wouldn’t rave about it to everyone I meet.

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Review Overview
A very average action shooter RPG with gacha elements and predictable characters. There are better games out there, there are worse games out there, so overall it is not a terrible way to kill some time.
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Snowbreak: Containment Zone Review