The Watches in Terraria: How to Craft

In any game like Terraria, there are many nuances to consider. Even in the game itself, a person must own the situation and know how to get out of it, and what benefits to get from it. In action-adventure games with RPG elements, much attention is paid to everything related to character leveling. In such games, events closely related to the time of day take place. There are always more dangers at night than during the day. Therefore, there is a need for time tracking. Fortunately, Terraria has a useful gadget that shows you your game time. The article will consider the question of how to craft a watch in Terraria.

How to Craft Watches in Terraria

Before you can craft a watch, you need to prepare your workplace and acquire the necessary material. Ideally, the future owner should have a home that has an anvil, as well as a chair and table. Also, there are 6 types of watches in Terraria. How to craft the right copy? You should decide how accurately you need to know the time. Below is a list of watches that show the time with varying accuracy:

  • Copper and tin – show with an accuracy of up to an hour.
  • Silver and tungsten – show with the accuracy of up to half an hour.
  • Gold and platinum – show with the accuracy of up to a minute.

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The higher the accuracy, the more difficult it is to craft a watch. As mentioned earlier, the player must decide on his own. But most often they create the most accurate watch made of gold and platinum, since then the watch can be upgraded to a mobile phone.

Any watch needs a chain. It is made on an anvil from one iron/lead ingot. As a result, we get a chain in the amount of 10 pieces.

Since it is not so difficult to craft a watch in Terraria, you will not need many materials. Just combine ten ingots of the ore you choose with a chain on a table with a chair. After you’ve crafted your watch, put it in the accessory slot. Now the time value appears in the upper left corner.

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