We’ve had a pretty good time with The Drowning, and if you appreciated the game at least as mus as we did, you will be pleased to hear that the developers are launching the first ever global event, The Toxic Beast Hunt.

The idea behind this event is pretty simple: new toxic creatures have been born in the post apocalyptic world and your goal it to kill as many as possible. It’s a global event, so you can aim for global glory. Also, the top Toxic Beast Hunt players will receive some prizes, so it’s nice knowing that it won’t be just eternal glory you’ll be fighting for.


Ben Cousins, general manager of Scattered Entertainment said: “It’s really exciting to continue the momentum of our worldwide launch with our very first live gameplay event called the Toxic Beast Hunt. This is another real first for a mobile FPS – adding variety to the game in the form of a weeklong competition where our players worldwide get matched up to co-operate and compete to hunt and take down rare and powerful monsters hidden across our game world.”

So yeah, the fun part here comes with the asynchronous multiplayer, where you will be paired with other The Drowning players and work your way to destroy as many mutated toxic creatures as possible. And if you’re wondering what prizes you can get, it’s a full set of goodies from rare weapons to powerful equipment and most likely a lot of loot!

The Toxic Beast hunt event ends on August 14th. If you want to make sure that you have a real chance at winning this one, check out our The Drowning tips & tricks.



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