The Drowning Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Zombie Hunter


The Drowning is an iOS exclusive first person shooter that revolutionizes the genre on mobile devices by introducing an interesting approach to the control scheme. We are not here to talk about that, though, we are here to talk about some The Drowning cheats to make us score more in the game and kill as many zombies as possible. So let’s check out below a complete set of The Drowning cheats: tips & tricks for the experienced survivor!

1. How to approach Attack stages
The best strategy here is to move forward and backwards in a straight line – as soon as you reach the end point, tap the bottom of the screen (180 degrees turn) and start shooting at the zombies that have most likely started towards you. Try to take them down as fast as possible, so that you can move to the other end of the line, collecting the kill bonuses in the process. When you get there, turn around and do all this again.

2. How to approach Defend stages
Here things are a bit more complicated since there are 3 points that you want to protect and they might not be available in a straight line. The thing is that even if the zombies break in, you don’t lose the stage or something: they just all come at you and you can shoot them down from point blank range.

3. Headshots!
Try to hit as many headshots as possible, that should be your only goal when playing. Headshots give you more points and fill the frenzy meter faster.

4. Replay stages for maximum rewards
Basically, the game will require you to get all the stars in a stage in order to get a shot at crafting all your weapons, which will require those rare items. Instead of using flares early on, play the stages again and again and keep the flares for when you really need them in later, more difficult stages. The first two sets of levels can be easily maxed our in a few tries each!

5. Fill up the Frenzy bar
Frenzy gives you a lot more points, and you want to fill that as fast as possible. So avoid being hit by zombies to fill it faster, get headshots and kill ranged zombies in order to fill that bar as fast as possible.

6. Upgrade weapons!
The moment you have the option to upgrade your weapon, do so because upgraded weapons give you better damage. You will probably spend some time playing with the basic gun, so make sure to upgrade it as much as possible because you need all the firepower. It goes all the way to level 25, so don’t be shy to take it to at least level 10 (and replay the stages with it upgraded for a real blast!)

7. Switch weapons by tapping the icon next to the gun

8. Don’t forget to actually collect the kill points zombies drop when they die

9. How to kill throwing zombies
Initially, your weapons seem to be too low to destroy the zombies that throw things at you. Upgrade the weapons and hopefully you’ll be able to take down those poor souls!

10. Get those multi kill bonuses
If you are really hardcore and can plan, especially in attack stages you can get the multi kill bonus. In order to do so, shoot each of the zombies a few times, but don’t kill any. After all the zombies have been hit a few times, apply the finishing shot to each of them one after another. This way you will get the multi-kill bonus and a better chance at getting a highscore and that last star!

And these are our tips and tricks for The Drowning. If you have some other approaches and strategy advice, let us know!

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The Drowning Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Zombie Hunter


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