Solar Eclipse Event in Terraria guide

A solar eclipse in Terraria is a rather difficult game event. It can happen under different circumstances.

For example, it can happen after the death of one of the mechanical bosses and the transition to hard difficulty, or may appear with a chance of 1:25 instead of the usual day. You can also trigger a solar eclipse yourself using a solar tablet.

How to Use a Solar Tablet to Start a Solar Eclipse in Terraria

The Solar Tablet can be found in Lihzahrd Chests in the Jungle Temple, but it can be crafted if desired. The recipe is quite simple: for crafting, you need fragments of a solar tablet, which can be obtained by killing lizards and snakes in the jungle temple, and a Mithril or Orichalcum anvil. The resulting tablet can only be used during the day.

Monsters During a Solar Eclipse

In version 1.3, the ability to increase the difficulty of this mode was added. The difficulty depends on which bosses you killed before the start of the mode.

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If the player has just started playing and has not yet killed a single boss, then in this case there will be only such monsters as:

  • Frankenstein. Looks like a zombie but 3 times faster.
  • The vampire is a rather dangerous enemy since it has a good supply of health and turns into a bat while discarding all negative effects;
  • Observer. Shoots a laser from the eye, when it loses health, the rate of fire increases.
  • Fritz has a low health reserve, is fast and during the attack makes a jump towards the player.
  • Swamp thing is similar to a zombie but immune to poisoning.
  • A creature from the deep is a monster that can swim fast enough in the water.
  • Possessed does not react to being thrown and can climb walls.

After the player kills one of the mechanical bosses, the following monsters will be added to the list of enemies:

  • The Reaper is an improved version of the ghost, can walk through walls, is armed with a scythe, and is not susceptible to daze.
  • Mothron is the biggest monster during a solar eclipse. When attacking makes sharp jerks, lays eggs from which baby Mothrons are born.
  • Baby Mothron is similar in behavior to the Mothron, but has a smaller size and lower health level.

Well, after the death of the boss Plantera, the list of monsters of the solar eclipse will be updated with such enemies as the following:

  • Butcher. This monster attacks, making long jumps at high speed.
  • Deadly spheres. They can pass through walls.
  • Man Fly. This one has a slow speed. When attacking, it throws bulbs at the player.
  • Nailhead is the second most powerful and dangerous mob of the solar eclipse in Terraria. It has immunity to knockback and a fairly low speed. When receiving damage, throws hot nails.
  • Psycho. When it appears, it is invisible and stands still, but as soon as it takes damage, it becomes visible and begins to attack.

During a solar eclipse in Terraria, you can get a lot of useful things, including such material as the broken hero sword, which drops out when killing a Mothron. 

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