Terraria: How to Find a Plantera Bulb

Plantera Bulb in Terraria is an item you can find during your journey in the Underground Jungle. You can destroy it with a Pickaxe and it will summon Plantera. It is a difficult boss so you’d better prepare.

How to Find Plantera Bulb in Terraria

To find Plantera Bulb in Terraria, you will need to reach a Hardmode. After this, you need to kill the other 3 bosses. These are mechanical variations of the standard ones. You need to kill The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime at least once. After that Plantera Bulb will start to spawn in the world. You can find it in the Underground Jungle.

When you destroy it with your Pickaxe, Plantera will spawn and the boss fight will be started. The Bulbs are marked with light pink color and may be difficult to tell from Pots and Heart Crystals. You can find more than one Bulb in the same zone of Underground Jungle. If there is something that gets in the way of Bulb’s spawn like a plant, that it will be replaced with the Bulb.

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How to Farm Plantera Bulbs in Terraria

Plantera Bulbs in Terraria may be a rare thing to find. Unfortunately, there are some very rare drops that you may want from Plantera. This fact makes a question about the farming of Plantera Bulbs actual and here is the answer.

You will need to dig long tunnels one above another to create a Plantera Bulb farm. Then you will just need to wait until the Bulb will be spawned and find it through using the map. The more tunnels you dig the more Bulbs will be spawned. Also, the tunnel structure is very comfortable to beat the Plantera, as you need just to run forward and attack it. That was all about Plantera Bulbs. Good luck with your adventures.

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