The 5 Best Games Like Cookie Run: Kingdom


Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the biggest RPG building games thanks to its cute charm and easy-to-pickup design. While the game is massive and has enough content to last you a while, you might want a different yet similar experience as a break. We’ve got you covered in our list of the 5 best games like Cookie Run: Kingdom!

1. The Summoners War Series

Summoners War: Chronicles gameplay
Image via Com2uS

Developer: Com2uS Studios
Publisher: Com2uS Studios
Available On: iOS, Android
, PC
Price: Free to play with in-app purchases

Summoners War might not be the most obvious choice for this list, but when you give it some thought, it actually makes sense. The Summoners War franchise has been around for some time now, and Summoners War: Chronicles is the latest addition to this beloved MMORPG series.

Both games are turn-based collection RPGs with numerous characters and “a village” that you can set up to your liking. These similarities even led to a limited crossover event between Summoners War and Cookie Run: Kingdom in the fall of 2022.

If Cookie Run: Kingdom got you in the mood for a 3D RPG with a beautiful design and a compelling story, give the newest Summoners War: Chronicles a go. You will play the role of a Summoner who fights the forces of darkness with the help of numerous adorable monsters that you can level up and organize in teams for more success on the battlefield, all while exploring four gorgeous maps with unique designs.

2. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes Battle Mode artwork
Image via PerBlue Entertainment

Developer: PerBlue Entertainment
Publisher: PerBlue Entertainment
Available On: iOS, Android

Price: Free to play with in-app purchases

Those who fell in love with Cookie Run: Kingdom for its stunning visuals and character design will most likely appreciate Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. This game comes with all your Disney favorites, including Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Hercules, Merlin, Captain Jack Sparrow, and more, but it features some obscure faces that we haven’t seen in a very long time (does anyone else remember The Great Mouse Detective?).

Your job is to collect these childhood heroes and fight evil versions of other famous Disney and Pixar characters. Gathering all the resources for upgrading your heroes can be somewhat challenging if you don’t plan on spending some real money on in-game purchases, but it is possible if you play regularly, log in at specific times of the day, and know where to shop for useful items (for example, Guild Shop is much better than standard markets).

If you get tired of fighting computer-controlled characters, you can battle it out with other players at any time.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a game that no Disneyphile should miss, but anyone who is looking for a suitable alternative to Cookie Run: Kingdom should check it out as well.

3. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect gameplay
Image via Cygames

Developer: Cygames
Publisher: Crunchyroll Games
Available On: iOS, Android

Price: Free to play with in-app purchases

Another game by Cygames, Princess Connect! Re: Dive is another anime RPG, but this one plays closer to a time-based RPG rather than action. Re: Dive is a sequel to the original Princess Connect!, released back in 2015.

Players assume the role of Yūki, a young warrior who was a part of the “Twinkle Wish” guild. After a decisive battle at the peak of the Tower of Sol, Yūki awakens in an unknown land with no recollection of the events that have transpired. With the aid of some familiar friends, Yūki must travel around to recover his memories and figure out what happened.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a time-based RPG where players get to command a squad of cute and tough girls in simple but engaging battles. There’s Pecorine, the strong knight with a voracious appetite, Kokkoro, the mysterious yet warm healer, and Karyl, the cat girl with a tough outward appearance but a soft core. There are plenty of other characters, too!

The game features a Guildhouse, where your recruited characters relax and hang out. You can build and decorate the Guildhouse to your liking, and you can even get helpful items from certain decor, just like in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

4. Arknights

Arknights gameplay
Image via Studio Montagne

Developer: Hypergryph/Studio Montagne
Publisher: Yostar Limited
Available On: iOS, Android

Price: Free to play with in-app purchases

Arknights is a tower defense game with a hint of city building, developed by Chinese developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph and released worldwide in January 2020.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future on the planet “Terra,” players take on the role of the Doctor, a mysterious being that commands a group of “Operators”. The Operators are a large medical organization that is searching for the cure to a deadly disease running rampant among Terra, but they face opposition from an infected military force.

Arknights’ main story mode will have players fight through small areas with designated enemy routes. The player must position their team of Operators so that they block the enemies from reaching the base—if too many enemies get through, the stage is lost. Each Operator has unique methods of fighting, so strategic positioning is the key to victory.

After a stage is over, your Operators retreat back to base. The base can be customized to your liking, and different facilities can be constructed to aid in your journey. Operators can be assigned to the facilities, and each one will produce different helpful materials.

Arknights is one of the more unique games on this list thanks to its tower defense-style gameplay. Despite the unique gameplay, Arknights features RPG-style character progression and base building, just like in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

5. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms gameplay
Image via Lilith Games

Developer: Lilith Games
Publisher: Lilith Games
Available On: iOS, Android
, PC, Mac
Price: Free to play with in-app purchases

If you liked the city-building aspect of Cookie Run: Kingdom and want a game that offers even more in that regard, you might want to check out Rise of Kingdoms. This is the perfect game for history buffs as you get to lead one of 13 civilizations on its road to power and glory.

Each civilization features distinctive architecture, special units, and unique advantages, and how players put all that to use is up to them. You will need to train your units and strategize to win real-time battles, where you actually get to move and position your troops.

If you’re a fan of RPG elements, Rise of Kingdoms gives you a chance to play with and level up real historical figures that serve as your commanders, like Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, or Charlemagne. Each commander has unique specializations (defense, resource harvesting, etc.), so invest your resources smartly.

This trip from a colorful cookie fantasy land into real historical civilizations might be a great break from Cookie Run: Kingdom, which will still keep you interested with some familiar gameplay mechanics and beautiful world design.

Those are our top five games that are like Cookie Run: Kingdom! Do you have any other games you’d like to recommend? Drop some ideas below in the comments! If you enjoyed this, you might like Best Ancient to Pick in Cookie Run Kingdom: Might of the Ancients Event. Thank you for reading!

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The 5 Best Games Like Cookie Run: Kingdom


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