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Arknights Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger and Pass More Stages

Arknights Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger and Pass More Stages
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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Arknights tips and cheats that we have gathered so far and share them with you so that you can learn how to position your operators properly and take down all enemies!

I didn’t know what to expect from the game at the very beginning, but honestly speaking – the more I played, the better it got! And for good reason – the graphics, the clean interface and the characters’ voices are all the perfect synergy for this game!

And honestly I am not sure what else to say not to sound biased, because I totally am! And that’s why I am here to tell you everything that you should – and shouldn’t do in game! Therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Arknights tips and tricks right here below!

Get to understand the game

The game is pretty straight forward – you get the tutorials that you need to pay attention to at the beginning, but if you did not, no worries! I will tell you the basic things that you need to keep in mind because there are a few!

– Each of the operators can take on a position – either on the lower lands, or on the higher lands.

– They each have roles that they fulfill, such as tanking, healing, magic damage dealers, snipers and so on. A good team should have plenty of roles filled by good operators, but we’ll dive into more detail below!

– There are heroes from different factions, and each one has different attack range. When you are placing them on the battlefield you need to take this into consideration.

– The heroes can only do so much without investing in upgrades for them – therefore, you will need to boost them in order to be able to do more of the game’s content.

– In order to place down a unit, you will have to put it in the green marked areas, and then drag towards the direction in which you want it to attack.

I suggest that you try to play on 1x speed at the beginning until you understand how all of your units’ attacks work and you try to find various solutions to all the possible routes that the enemies come in from.

Place down the tanks before the mobs

The tank units should be the ones which are facing the mobs firsthand, because they will prevent them from advancing any further. That’s something which should go without saying in most of the games out there – tanks are the first line of defense!

Place healers to sustain the tanks

Since the game also has healers, you should make sure that you put them in locations which are far away from enemies, because usually healers don’t have a lot of HP / DEF to manage to tank off incoming attacks.

You should make sure that their spells affect the tanks, because that will make it a lot easiest to take on any enemies for a long time.

Put the DPS squishy units between the tanks and healers

The squishy DPS units are also some which should go at the back line, but between the healers and the tanks. That is because, that way the healers’ spells will affect them too! So this should be a good way to survive longer, even if the tanks end up dying.

Upgrade your units

The operators can be upgraded, but I really suggest that you only upgrade at the beginning the 6 star units and some of the best 5 star ones which you have, because otherwise you will not have enough materials for everyone.

It’s definitely not worth investing into the 3 star and 4 star units, because they will be overtaken by the stats that the 5 star and 6 star units have, so even if you are tempted to upgrade them, I’d suggest that you wait a little while longer until you get at least a 6 star unit and a few 5 star ones.

In order to upgrade a unit, head on to the Operator tab, then tap on the operator that you want to upgrade, and tap on the “+” next to its level. There you can tap on the material you want to use for the upgrade and then you can level them up!

Always plan ahead

Whenever you are starting out a new stage, then you are probably located into a new map which you have not been in before. If that is the case, then you should take a moment and analyze it so that you can plan where you want to place your operators.

If planning your strategy is not really your thing, then you might want to reconsider. That is, if you don’t want to play and re-play the stages over and over again. The more you advance the more difficult enemies will be and you will have to deal with quite a lot of them! So just use the Map Preview to check out the location and figure out the strategy!

Add more friends and get Support

Another useful thing for the game is you adding more friends in game! That is, because they will let you obtain Friend Credits by using Support Units. You can also visit your friends’ dorm, so make sure that you do that to collect the credits.

Just keep in mind that the maximum Friend Credits are 300, and if you have over that, they will be lost – so make sure that when the in game day ends, you have less than 300 so you will not lose any Friend Credits!

Get more operators

There are quite a few good units in the game, and if you want to form a good team, then you will want to try and get a few operators ever since the beginning of the game! So if that is what you want to learn, then let’s start with the very beginning:

– Use the 5 Star Operator Exchange Voucher:

From this you are going to be able to choose between 4 characters: Silence, Liskarm, Projekt Red and Pramanix. If you are not sure what to choose, then let me tell you what they each give!

Silence is a good healer.

Liskarm is a decent DPS Defender.

Projekt Red is good for inflicting crowd control (CC) and can do some DPS.

Pramanix is good for debuffing.

I suggest that you wait a while before you choose, and see what other characters you get. You might get some decent DPS and healers and whatnot, so you might not need the ones listed here. However, I think that Pramanix is the best.

– Use New Player Banners:

With these banners you will get guaranteed 5 star and a 6 star operator. It is a good way to get new units early on!

– Save up 6000 Orundum to recruit more heroes:

You should save up Orundums and try to recruit more heroes when you are finished with the New Player Banners because this one will give you guaranteed a 6 star hero after pulling 50 times with no 6 star acquired.

That is going to take a while though, so just focus on saving up the currency and eventually you will get everything!

Complete the missions to receive various rewards

There are quite a lot of rewards that you can receive, but I really suggest that you give them a quick read and try to see which ones you can complete because they are going to help with plenty of rewards.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the missions are not that difficult. They are mainly asking you for various hero upgrades and stages completed, so just try to quickly read them and if you can, do them too!

Log in every day to claim free rewards

Every single day that you will log in to the game you will be able to receive a lot of useful rewards which will help you in the long run. You can claim a ton of useful items by simply logging in to the game every single day, without even having to do anything!

As soon as you log in game every new day you will be able to claim sign in rewards, as well as useful currency and even a 5 star hero, Cliffheart. Even if you don’t plan on playing every single day, you should still try to log in and just claim the rewards because they are cumulative, so if you skip one day, you will have to start all over again (for some of the rewards).

Failed a stage? Try a different strategy

If you have failed to pass a stage, there might be a few reasons why, even if your team is full of 5 star and 6 star operators:

– You operators are low level and need to be improved.

– You need to choose different placements for the operators.

– You might want to try other operators.

– You are not using the RIGHT operators!

Since every team should have a composition which is able to take on anything, try going for a team consisting of 2 Snipers, 2 Vanguards, 2 Casters, 2 Healers, 2 Guards, 2 Defenders or 1 Defender and 1 more damage dealer.

This is a setup which will be able to take on anything pretty much, so try to obtain as many operators as you can!

And these would be all of our Arknights tips and tricks for beginners that we have right now! Stay tuned because we will get back to you soon with even more guides and articles related to the game! Also, do you know some more useful tips about the game? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Arknights Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger and Pass More Stages


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