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Terraria has things like world seeds. These are the random seeds that are used to generate your world in Terraria. In addition, the game has secret easter eggs that generate a specific world with some unique settings and features. These are called Secret world seeds. In this guide, we will talk about For The Worthy mode in Terraria.

Secret World Seeds in Terraria

Terraria has some secret easter eggs that allow you to create a unique world with specific features. Players discovered some of these secret world seeds. They use not only the standard and usual world structure but also use some characteristics that are not available for the regular generation. It may affect even some of Terraria’s game mechanics. Here is the list of all secret world seeds:

  • Drunk World – Seeds: ​05162020*​5162020
  • Not the bees – Seeds (case-insensitive): ​not the bees​*not the bees!
  • For the worthy – Seed (case-insensitive): for the worthy
  • Celebrationmk10 – Seeds (case-insensitive): ​celebrationmk10*​05162011*​5162011*​05162021*​5162021

How to Activate For The Worthy Mode in Terraria

As we could see For The Worthy is one of the worlds that may be generated by a secret world seed. To create a world with its unique mechanics, you will need to enter the world seed “fortheworthy” (case-insensitive). After that, you will have your world generated.

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What is For The Worthy Mode in Terraria

For The Worthy Mode in Terraria is a hardcore world. It affects the game’s difficulty. All enemies will get all their stats multiplied. Everything, starting with attacking stats, like different types of damage, and ending with defensive ones, like armor or health.

Also, you should be aware of Bunnies as they all will be replaced with explosive ones. Most of the bosses and their minions will get their size change for larger or smaller. That was all you need to know to activate and start For The Worthy mode. Good luck with this challenge.

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