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With the latest update, Terraria developers have added several special seeds to the game, each of which creates a game world with special conditions and unique content. Today we will tell you about the Drunk World, which is the best Terraria seed full of Easter eggs and references. After this, we will briefly describe some other cool Terraria seeds.

How to Activate the Best Terraria Seed Drunk World

When creating a new world, you can enter a special code in a separate field, using which the game creates random elements on the map. If you use a special secret seed, then instead the code will be randomly selected, but special generation rules will apply to the world.

In order to create a seed, write the following numbers in the seed field:

05162020 or 5162020

You may notice that these numbers are the release date of patch 1.4, which of course is no coincidence. Enter the newly created world and get ready to search for all the Easter eggs!

Features of Drunk World in Terraria

If you can’t wait to find out how Drunk World is so different from the usual Terraria, the list of rules below will show you what to look for:

  • The game creates both variants of bad biomes. Both bloody and corrupted biomes with their bosses and monsters, ores, and other things will be available for research. Even in the Skeletron dungeon, both chests will appear to open later in hard mode.
  • By distributing ores, the game will add both options. That is, both copper and tin, as well as both gold and platinum will be created.
  • Instead of the Guide, the Party Girl will meet you as the first NPC in the new world! By the way, when communicating with her, you will forever activate a new option for changing game music to the soundtrack from Terraria Otherworld.
  • Giant trees will be generated in much larger numbers.
  • Two special items can appear in the chests: Red Potion, intended for testing debuffs, and the Moon Lord’s Legs. These legs are a reference to a petition signed by thousands of players demanding to add the boss’s legs to Terraria.
  • Marble and granite caves will be swapped, keeping the structure of their generation.
  • The jungle temple will be green and slightly larger!
  • The beehives will also be larger than usual, with a few larvae inside.
  • Hell biome will be vertically mirrored. In the middle of the world, there will be an entire lava lake, and closer to the edges you will see the usual ruins.

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Other Best Seeds You Can Try In Terraria

Interesting seeds to try in Terraria include the following:

  • 1036394715. In this world, if you walk to the castle of the Skeletron, and before reaching it about 50 blocks, you can get to the bottom of the Shrines, which generated on top of each other.
  • 400225930. In this world, if you go to the left and walk to the ocean, then in it you can find 5 crystals of life and many statues. The ocean here is unusually deep and is generated with a background wall.
  • 100865193. In this world, the Big Tree was generated so that its roots broke through the walls of Dungeon and you can get into it before the murder of Skeletron.

These were the best seeds in Terraria to try with your friends. While you are here, here is our guide on the secret Terraria event.

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