Water Walking Boots terraria

Water Walking Boots in Terraria are an accessory. It allows the character to walk on liquids like water, honey, or lava. The player will move through the liquid stuff with normal movement speed and won’t sink. You may obtain it by opening Water Chest. Also, you can find it in Ocean and Seaside Crates. This item is used in some accessories’ craft recipes. Let’s take a closer look at Water Walking Boots.

How to Get Water Walking Boots in Terraria

To get Water Walking Boots in Terraria, you will need to travel and swim a lot. The item can be obtained by opening Water Chests, Ocean Crates, and Seaside Crates. Prepare yourself for a long seeking as Water Walking Boots is a very rare item and all of these chests and crates are not easy to find. Usually, you will need to swim and dive into the Ocean or underground lakes.

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How to Use Water Walking Boots in Terraria

Water Walking Boots in Terraria is an accessory. It allows your character to walk on liquid things like water, honey, and lava. To walk on something you will need to ensure that it is a stable surface. You can see it by the bright line on the top of the liquid stuff. Moving liquids like waterfalls cannot be walked on. You will just fall through it.

The number of ways you can use this item is countless. You can make your travel faster, walk through different water obstacles that may get in your way, etc. Also, different craft recipes that demand this item are worth mentioning.

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Lava Waders are the upgraded version for Water Walking Boots. They allow you to walk on lava and don’t take fire damage, unlike Water Walking Boots that allow you to walk only on water and honey.

Obsidian Water Walking Boots are a combination of regular ones and Obsidian Skull. It gives you additional immunity to a burning debuff.

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