Terraria: How to Get a Crate Potion

A Crate Potion in Terraria is a potion that increases the chance to pull out a crate (iron, gold, or wooden) while fishing. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about this potion in Terraria.

Crate Potion Characteristics

  • The chance of getting a crate is doubled from 10% to 20%.
  • It is active for 3 minutes only after being used.
  • Item rarity – 1 (Blue).
  • You can always cancel this buff, like any other in the game, before it finishes working.

How to Get a Crate Potion in Terraria

You can only craft a crate potion in Terraria with the help of an alchemy table. Moreover, the components will differ depending on the platform on which you are playing.

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List of ingredients for crafting on PC and mobile phones include the following:

  • Amber x1.
  • Ice thorn x1.
  • Bottle of water x1.
  • Moonflower x1.
  • Water Leaf x1.

The list of ingredients for crafting on 3DS includes the following:

  • Bottle of water x1.
  • Amber x1.
  • Moonflower x1.
  • Deathweed x1.

Once created, you can sell this potion for 2 silver coins.

Alternative ways to Get a Potion

In addition to the fact that you can craft this item in Terraria, you can also get it as a reward for completing quests of a friendly NPC called “Angler.”

Also, if you use the console command, then this elixir has the following ID code in the game: 2356.

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