Terraria: How to Get an Ammo Box

The Ammo Box in Terraria is the one of furniture items. You can buy it from Travelling Merchant for 15 Gold Coins or sell it for 3 Gold Coins. It gives you a special Ammo Box buff if you place it and use it.

How to Get the Ammo Box In Terraria

To get the Ammo Box in Terraria you will need to go to the Travelling Merchant. This is an NPC that comes to your town or house. He may visit you after you got 2 NPCs in your home. Travelling Merchant does not require a room and instead, he will spawn and stay near one of the NPCs. The Ammo Box may appear in this merchant’s list of items. It will cost 15 Gold Coins.

How to Use the Ammo Box In Terraria

The Ammo Box in Terraria is a furniture item. In order to use it, you will need to place it somewhere in your house or desired location. After you decided where it has to be and placed the Ammo Box, you can activate it. Activation of the furniture will give you a buff. This provides you with an effect that gives you a 20% chance that your ranged weapon won’t consume ammunition. It works with a 20% chance for each shot.

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You also can combine the Ammo Box buff with other buffs of the same type. Ammo Reservation Potion, Vortex Breastplate, and Chlorophyte Helmet are items that provide your character with a similar effect. It is possible to achieve a 61.6% chance not to consume your ammunition by using all of these items in summary. Also, you can improve this effect even further by using a weapon that gives you a chance not to consume ammo. It provides an 86.94% chance with Vortex Beater and 89.76% with Phantasm and Magic Quiver.

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