The Magic Quiver is a rare accessory item in Terraria that players can use to get different buffs aiding them in battles. Most of the items in Terraria are either crafted or dropped from enemies. In the case of Magic Quiver, it is a drop loot that players can get from a certain enemy. In this article, we will talk about how you can get a Magic Quiver in Terraria.

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How to Get Magic Quiver in Terraria

Players can obtain Magic Quiver in Terraria from Skeleton Archers. It is a loot item with a 1.25% chance to drop whenever a Skeleton Archer is defeated. With the low drop rate, to get the Magic Quiver, players have to be either lucky or farm Skeleton Archers.

The Skeleton Archers are enemies that you can easily find in the Cavern Layer. The Skeleton Archers are slow. They fire flaming arrows when players are in their line of sight. Once killed, they can drop Marrow or the Magic Quiver.

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That’s all, that is how you get a Magic Quiver in Terraria. Now, let us check out Magic Quiver’s stats and uses in Terraria.

Magic Quiver Stats and Uses in Terraria

When equipped, the Magic Quiver provides a variety of boosts to arrows and stakes. These includes a +10% damage buff, +10% knockback, +100% velocity and a +20% chance not to consume the ammo.

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Now talking about Magic Quiver’s uses, players can use it in crafting a Molten or Stalker’s Quivers using a Tinkerer’s Workshop.

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