Terraria is probably one of the most engaging sandbox games out there on the internet. In recent years, the game received some of the biggest updates which further bloated its userbase. One of the reasons why Terraria is popular is due to the different terrains in the game.

The Jungle Temple is one of those fascinating places to explore after beating the Plantera. The glowing altar is enough to lure the players inside. This is a brief guide on how to enter the temple and what to expect inside.

Where is the Jungle Temple in Terraria?

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The Jungle Temple in Terraria is located in the Underground Temple and is made of seemingly indestructible Lihzahrd Bricks. You can enter the Jungle Temple through the Lihzahrd Doors with a key.

The doors cannot be unlocked without the key and you cannot teleport inside either. Further, the Lihzahrd Bricks cannot be shattered with regular tools. They can only be destroyed by a pickaxe dropped by the Golem.

How to get into the Jungle Temple and What to Expect?

You can gain access to the Jungle Temple only after defeating the Plantera. The Plantera drops a temple key that opens up the Jungle Temple.

The underground location is crafted from Lihzahrd bricks. You will come across various Lihzahrd-themed enemies like Lihzahrds and Flying Snakes. There are Lihzahrd-themed traps as well.

Make sure that you pick up some Power Cells before moving towards the Lihzahrd Altar. These can be obtained by beating the enemies or from the chests.

Upon entering the open area near the altar, you will encounter the boss, Golem. However, Golem does not show up on his own and has to be summoned using Lihzahrd Power Cell near the Lihzahrd Altar.

If possible, you can gather items to summon a solar eclipse. This is the best weapon to beat the Golem.

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