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Teamfight Tactics (TFT): All Team Compositions

Teamfight Tactics (TFT): All Team Compositions

In today’s article we are going to cover all team compositions in Teamfight Tactics and tell you which are some of the strongest ones to help you win more games and learn more about the game!

If you want to know some of the best mixed team compositions to win more games, then make sure that you read our best team comps in TFT article where we cover everything about them and tell you how to build in the early and mid game to win more games!

But thus being said, let’s dive right into the list of all the team compositions in Teamfight Tactics and learn everything there is to know about them!

TFT Origins list


Inferno spell damage burns the ground beneath the target, dealing a percent of that spell’s pre-mitigation damage as magic damage over 4 seconds.

– 3 Inferno: +70% Damage on 1 Hex

– 6 Inferno: +150% Damage on 3 Hexes

– 9 Inferno: +250% Damage on 5 Hexes

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When a Light champion dies, all other Light champions gain Attack Speed and are healed for 20% of the champion’s Maximum Health.

– 3 Light: +20% Attack Speed

– 6 Light: +30% Attack Speed

– 9 Light: +60% Attack Speed


– 3 Poison: Poison champions apply Neurotoxin when they deal damage, increasing the target’s mana cost by 50%.


Crystal champions have a maximum amount of damage they can take from a single hit.

– 2 Crystal: 100 Max Damage

– 4 Crystal: 60 Max Damage


Reduces each enemy’s armor.

– 2 Desert: 40% Armor Reduction

– 4 Desert: 100% Armor Reduction


All allies restore mana every 4 seconds.

– 2 Ocean: +10 Mana

– 4 Ocean: +30 Mana

– 6 Ocean: +60 Mana

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Shadow units deal increased damage for 6 seconds at combat start, refreshed on takedown.

– 3 Shadow: +65% Increased Damage, Self Takedown

– 6 Shadow: +165% Increased Damage, Any Shadow Takedown


Electric champions shock nearby enemies whenever they deal or receive a critical strike.

– 2 Electric: 80 Damage

– 3 Electric: 250 Damage

– 4 Electric: 500 Damage


– 2 Lunar: Every 7 seconds, your team gains 15% Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage, and Spell Power (Stacks up to 4 times).


– 2 Mountain: At the start of combat, a random ally gains a 1500 Stoneshield.


– 3 Woodland: At the start of combat, a random Woodland champion makes a copy of themselves.

– 6 Woodland: At the start of combat, all Woodland champions make a copy of themselves.

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All allies gain dodge chance.

– 2 Cloud: +20% Dodge Chance

– 3 Cloud: +25% Dodge Chance

– 4 Cloud: +35% Dodge Chance


Basic Attacks from Glacials have a chance to stun their target for 1.5 seconds.

– 2 Glacials: 20% Chance to Stun

– 4 Glacials: 35% Chance to Stun

– 6 Glacials: 50% Chance to Stun


Steel champions gain damage immunity for a few seconds when they are reduced below 50% health.

– 2 Steel: 2 Seconds of Immunity

– 3 Steel: 3 Seconds of Immunity

– 4 Steel: 4 Seconds of Immunity

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TFT Classes list


– 1 Alchemist: Innate: Alchemists ignore collision and never stop moving.


– 1 Avatar: An Avatar’s Origin Element is counted twice for Trait bonuses.


Every 3 seconds, Rangers have a chance to increase their Attack Speed for 3 seconds.

– 2 Rangers: 35% Chance to Double Attack Speed

– 4 Rangers: 80% Chance to Double Attack Speed

– 6 Rangers: 100% Chance to gain x2.5 Attack Speed


Mages have a chance on cast to instead Doublecast.

– 3 Mages: 50% Chance

– 6 Mages: 100% Chance & 20 AP to all Mages

teamfight tactics guide 1


All allies gain increased Magic Resistance.

– 2 Mystic: 40 Magic Resistance

– 4 Mystic: 120 Magic Resistance


– 2 Soulbound: The first Soulbound unit to die in a round will instead enter the Spirit Realm, becoming untargetable and continuing to fight as long as another Soulbound unit is alive.


Summoned units have increased health and duration.

– 3 Summoners: +30% increase

– 6 Summoners: +120% increase


Innate: At the start of combat, Assassins leap to the farthest enemy. Assassins gain bonus Critical Strike Damage and Chance.

– 3 Assassins: +70% Critical Strike Damage & 10% Critical Strike Chance

– 6 Assassins: +210% Critical Strike Damage & 20% Critical Strike Chance

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Innate: At the start of combat, Berserkers leap to the nearest enemy. Berserkers have a 40% chance to hit all units in a cone in front of them with their attacks.

– 3 Berserkers: 40% Chance

– 6 Berserkers: 100% Chance & +25 Attack Damage


– 3 Predators: Predators instantly kill enemies they damage who are below 25% health.


Wardens gain increased total Armor.

– 2 Wardens: +150% Armor

– 4 Wardens: +300% Armor

– 6 Wardens: +999% Armor


Blademaster Basic Attacks have a 35% chance to trigger additional attacks against their target. These additional attacks deal damage like Basic Attacks and trigger on-hit effects.

– 2 Blademasters: 1 Extra Attack

– 4 Blademasters: 2 Extra Attacks

– 6 Blademasters: 3 Extra Attacks


– 2 Druids: Druids regenerate 45 health each second.

These are all the classes and factions in Teamfight Tactics. You can combine champions in different ways and try to make beautiful a synergy between them to activate more! To learn more about that don’t forget to check out our game guide where we share with you all the tips and tricks that we know about the game!

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