Super Mario Run is considered one of the biggest mobile game releases of the year, maybe similar with Pokemon Go. Either way, both Nintendo and Apple are preparing everybody for the launch of the game and you could sign up for being notified when it comes out, as we already shared with you in a previous article.

But what we didn’t know back then was when will Super Mario Run launch. And today we know the Super Mario Run release date: December 5th. So the game is closer than ever and I am sure that most people will love to get the chance to play the game before 2017. And if you haven’t signed up yet to receive a notification when the game launches, you can still do so from the game’s App Store page.


This time, Nintendo also had an amazing surprise for fans of the game, sharing a brand new trailer that gives us a bit more gameplay time. Check it out below, I know you want to:

Oh yeah, Mario time!

This is really exciting and I am sure that everybody will love the game, no matter what their age is. Don’t forget that we’ve already created a tips & tricks page for the game that you can bookmark right now in order to be among the first who will get extremely valuable tips and cheats for playing the game and getting the most out of it.

So mark the date December 5 on your calendars. That’s when Mario’s acoming!



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