Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 is proving to be even more popular than its predecessors, with users providing a huge amount of custom courses in just a few months.

A few hours ago, Nintendo confirmed that over 10 million playable courses are now available in Super Mario Maker 2. To celebrate, the developer confirmed that it will be possible from now on to upload up to 100 courses per user. This is a big change, as the original upload number was capped to 10.

Super Mario Maker 2 takes everything that made the original Wii U game great and expands on it considerably.

The Nintendo Switch game includes all of the styles seen in the original alongside a brand new style, Super Mario 3D World. This style features objects not available in the others, allowing players to go even wilder with their own creativity.

Super Mario Maker 2 received its first major update last month. The update introduced not only new objects and enemies but also the ability to play as Link from The Legend of Zelda. Link comes with his own unique abilities that allow creators to expand their courses in a lot of interesting ways.

Super Mario Maker 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch worldwide.


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