Super Mario Maker 2

During last week’s Nintendo Direct, it’s been confirmed that two players will be able to create Super Mario Maker 2 courses together on the same console. Online multiplayer has also been confirmed, but no mention has been made of a local multiplayer mode. It seems like, however, this will also be in.

The Super Mario Maker 2 eShop listing features three different mentions of multiplayer – online, local wireless and then a total number of players, which only appears in the listings when the game features local multiplayer.

This means that it will be possible to enjoy Super Mario Maker 2 courses together with other players without even jumping online.

Last week, it’s also been confirmed that Super Mario Maker 2 will also feature a Story Mode where players will have to rebuild Peach’s Castle by using coins.

These coins are gathered by playing through the 100 courses already included in the game, some of them featuring advanced designs that could be used as an inspiration.

Super Mario Maker 2 launches on June 28th in all regions exclusively on Nintendo Switch.


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