5 Strongest Weapons to Use in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles weapons
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Players of Conan Exiles know that there is no lack of weapon choices in this survival video game. You can play with two-handed weapons, one-handed weapons that can be combined with shields, and even ranged weapons.

The logical question is, of course, which ones are the best. We have compiled a list of the top 5 strongest weapons to use in Conan Exiles to help you not to lose yourself in the sea of options. The list covers weapons from all three above-mentioned categories in no particular order.

The Predatory Blade (One-Handed Weapon)

This blade has the highest damage stats when compared to all other one-handed swords: 91 Damage. Still, you should know that it only deals this much damage on light attacks. If you try using it for hard attacks, the damage will be reduced to 1.

The Predatory Blade drops after you defeat The Brute in the Unnamed City.

Axe of the Grey Ones (One-Handed Weapon)

With 66 Damage points, this axe is a formidable weapon in experienced hands.

Players can craft it at the Forge of the First Men if they have 30x Composite Obsidian, 1x Weapon Handle, 5x Alchemical Base, and 1x Blackened Heart.

Sword of Crom (Two-Handed Weapon)

Though you need all of your stamina to wield it, this legendary two-handed blade makes it worth it with its 91 Damage stat.

To get it, you must head to the Unnamed City and defeat one of these bosses: Guardian of the Flame, The Watcher, The Commander, or The Gravewalker.

Great Axe of the Grey Ones (Two-Handed Weapon)

The big cousin of the Axe of the Grey Ones, this two-handed weapon lives up to its name and is also one of the strongest weapons in the game. The damage it deals equals 93 points.

You can also craft this one at the Forge of the First Men.

Akbitanan Throwing Knife (Ranged Weapon)

Ranged weapons can be great if you want to minimize damage taken, but using them comes at the cost of the damage you can inflict on your enemies. The ranged weapon with the highest damage stat in Conan Exiles is the Akbitanan Throwing Knife, with 57 points.

You can get this knife in the Skittering Cavern after defeating the spider boss named The End of All Hope.

That concludes our list of the strongest weapons to use in Conan Exiles. Let us know which one you prefer and check out our selection of the best mods for Conan Exiles or our recommendations for other survival games.

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5 Strongest Weapons to Use in Conan Exiles


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