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State of Survival Daily Rewards Guide

State of Survival Daily Rewards Guide

Compared to other free-to-play games, State of Survival is actually quite generous in giving out items that improve your Heroes and your Base. Nothing is free, however, so you will have to put some effort into the game to receive your Daily Rewards and become the best State of Survival player ever.

As Daily Rewards include some extremely useful items like Biocaps, Legendary Skill Books, Legendary Hero Badges, and Governor Credits, keeping an eye on them and scoring as many points as possible in each category becomes extremely important.


As the name suggests, Daily Rewards are associated with different gameplay challenges that are rotated every 24 hours. To see which challenge is currently active, all you need to do is tap on the Events Billboard building at the center of your camp.

While technically not part of the Daily Rewards mechanics, the Sign In bonus can be considered as another way to receive some small rewards daily, so do not forget to play the game at least once every day to maximize these free rewards as much as possible.

Daily Rewards Tasks

Daily Rewards tasks, as mentioned above, are rotated every 24 hours. While there are multiple types, it won’t take long for the same task to pop-up multiple times, so knowing how to score points in said task will make it easier to obtain better rewards. The tasks are Combat Manuals, Daily Intel, Dev Camps, Donations, Explore Trail, Final Hope Transmissions, Gather Food, Wood, Metal Gas, Research Tech, Search for Heroes, Timer Help, Train Infantry, Hunters, Riders Troops, Upgrade Buildings.

Combat Manual requires you to use a Combat manual to level up any of your heroes. Using one will be enough to score the maximum amount of points in the task.

Daily Intel requires you to complete three special missions to score the maximum amount of points. The missions that must be completed can be accessed via the Intel Shop.

Dev Camps requires you to set a rally on any of the camps available on the map or join another set by any other member of your alliance, and win. Upon winning the rally, you will get the maximum amount of points.

Donations require you to donate for your alliance via the Donate for Alliance Tech in the Alliance – Donations menu. To score maximum points, you need to do so 20 times.

Explore Trail requires you to explore four trails in the Hero Precinct building to score maximum points.

Final Hope Transmissions requires you to collect three different transmissions via the Intel Shop to score maximum points.

Gather Food, Wood, Metal Gas is pretty self-explainatory. All you need to do is gather the required amount of each resource, something that you should be doing anyway to improve your base.

Research Tech requires you to complete a single research project to score maximum points. This is a very easy task to complete especially early in the game, since it won’t take long to complete any of the early-game projects.

Search for Heroes is also quite self-explainatory, as you need to perform five Hero Searches to score the maximum amount of points. You can perform one via the Search menu in the Hero Precint.

Timer Help requires you to provide help to any Alliance member. Doing so 20 times will let you obtain the maximum amount of points.

Train Infantry, Hunters, Riders Troops requires you to train each troop type to score maximum points. This is another easy task to complete, as you will be doing this all the time.

Upgrade Buildings requires you to upgrade any single building to score the maximum amount of points. As later upgrades require more than 24 hours to be completed, this can become difficult to complete as you proceed through the game and continue upgrading buildings.

Daily Rewards Breakdown

The Daily Rewards you receive at the end of each day depend on the total amount of points you have scored.

Getting 40 points will reward you with Biocap, Healing Speedus and Governor Credits.

Getting 80 points will reward you with Building, Research and Healing Speedups and Governor Credits.

Getting 120 points will reward you with Chief EXP, Training and Healing Speedups, and Governor Credit

Getting 160 points will reward you with Food and Wood items, Healing Speedups and Governor Credits.

Getting 215 points will reward you with Metal Items, Crafing and Healing Speedups, two Epic Skill Books and Governor Credits.

Getting 270 points will reward you with Gas Items, Healing Speedups, two Advanced Search Maps, two Epic Hero Badges, and Governor Credits.

Getting 325 points will reward you with two Legendary Skill books, one Epic Search Map, one Legendary Hero Badge, some Healing Speedups, and Governor Credits.

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State of Survival Daily Rewards Guide


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