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State of Survival Rallies Guide

State of Survival Rallies Guide

State of Survival isn’t all just about surviving in a hard world infested by the undead. It’s also about developing meaningful alliances that can bring benefits to all those who are trying their best to survive in such a hard world.

Among the many mechanics in the game that can bring players together are Rallies. By starting a Rally, players can amass a much larger and more powerful army that can take down the vicious Infected Fiends but that can also fight against other human players for a variety of rewards.

Generally, these rewards are extremely useful, but as it often is in video games, you will have to work hard for them. As such, knowing everything there is to know about Rallies will allow you to always make the best out of them.

Rallies Overview

As already mentioned, Rallies allow you to effectively summon your allies to your settlement to ammass a very large army to fight Infected Fiends and other human opponents. Rallies have slightly different mechanics depending on the opponent.

Rallies Against Infected Fiends

Rallies against Infected Fiends are way more straightforward than Rallies against other human opponents. While these Infected Fiends are much stronger than regular Infected, fighting against the Infected Fiends will never result in you losing troops, as the worst that can happen is that they get wounded. As for the rewards, you will receive them depending on the amount of damage dealt, so the stronger the army that has been put together, the better the rewards. The game also provides an estimate of the Troop Power needed to take down any Infected Fiend, so it’s easy to plan ahead and avoid failure.

Rallies Against Human Opponents

Rallies against human opponents are a little more complex, but they are quite satisfying as well. To initiate one, all you have to do is pick the Rally option from the meny when clicking on an enemy settlement. Once this is done, you will be asked to set a launch time: you can choose between 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes.

Choosing the right launch time is extremely important to ensure the Rally’s success. As your allies have to physically march to your settlement before heading out, you will need to select an appropriate time: 5 to 15 minutes are more than enough if strong allies are nearby, otherwise, it’s better to select a higher time if your allies are scattered all over the place. If allies fail to reach you in time, the Rally will not be launched.

Once a timer has been set, it’s time to decide which Heroes of yours will attend the Rally and which troops you will bring into battle. You should give priority to Heroes with Rally Troop skills like Maddy & Frank, Wolfe, Lucky, and Nikola. Their skills will make sure that your troops will be stronger, increasing your chances of success.

Speaking of skills, there’s a higher percentage of skill activation for the first few players that join your Rally. As such, it’s best to plan one depending on how close your stronger allies are.

Troop selection is also extremely crucial in Rallies. While your selection depends on the troops defending the settlement you are attacking, bringing a balanced amount of infantry, hunters and riders will prove to be beneficial. This also holds true in case of defeat: losing all your troops of any given type can be very problematic, and spreading your losses will make the situation a little better.

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State of Survival Rallies Guide


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