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State of Survival Best Heroes for All Activities

State of Survival Best Heroes for All Activities
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State of Survival features a wide selection of Heroes all coming with their unique stats and abilities. While one can find a use for each and every one of them, some Heroes are much better than others in the game’s different activities: gathering resources, rallying, attacking enemy settlements, fighting Infected, defending the settlement against other players and against Infected.

Knowing which Hero is better at any of the game’s activities is extremely important in the long term, as it will allow you to focus on these Heroes and take advantage of their unique skills at all times without wasting those precious Hero Fragments on Heroes who are not as effective.

Best Heroes for Gathering Resources

Gathering resources is very important in State of Survival, as they are required to keep your settlement going and upgrade its different facilities. As such, you want to maximize resource gathering as much as possible by picking Mike for food gathering, Ghost for gas gathering, Rusty for metal gathering, and Chef for wood gathering. All these heroes are Tier 1 heroes that can be obtained fairly easily at the beginning of the game.

Best Heroes for Rallying

Rallying is one of the most important mechanics in the game, as it lets you rally troops together to fight against Infected and human enemies. While things are slightly different, depending on the enemy type, the four Heroes that will help you make the best of each Rally are the same. Maddy & Frank and Jeb have the Rally Troop Attack to increase offense, Wolfe has the Rally Troop Lethality skill, Miho and Lucky have the Rally Troop Health for increased health, and Nikola and Zoe come with the Rally Troop Defense skill for improved defense. Of these heroes, Maddy & Frank and Nikola are Tier 1 characters, so they can be unlocked fairly quickly. Lucky is also a Tier 1 character, but you can only unlock her via VIP packages so she’s not recommended, also considering Miho is a much better character. She’s a Tier 3 character, though, so it may take some time to unlock her.

Best Heroes for Attacking Enemy Settlements

Attacking enemy settlements is among the most fun activities in State of Survival, but also one that needs you to be at your best to succeed. As such, you need the help of Heroes with Siege Specialization. Ray & Rolex come with the Enemy Settlement Troop Attack skill, Trish with the Enemy Settlement Troop Attack debuff, Jeb with the Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality, Lucky with the Enemy Settlement Troop Defense, Miho and Eva with the Enemy Settlement Troop Health. Of these Heroes, Lucky, and Ray & Rolex are definitely not recommended, as they can only be obtained with real money. Lucky is somewhat decent in other areas, but Ray & Rolex are made obsolete pretty quickly by higher Tiers characters, so investing resources in them is not recommended at all.

Best Heroes for Fighting Infected

The Infected are the reason you and your Heroes are struggling to survive, so having the best Heroes for fighting Infected will bring you a long way. To fight the undead, your absolute best choices are Sarge and Travis, coming respectively with the Troop Infected March Speed, Stamina reduction and Troop Infected Defence. They are also very easy to unlock from the very beginning of the game, so you want to start ranking them up as soon as you can. Nikola is also a good Hero for fighting Infected, thanks to his Troop Infected Attack skill. Nikola is also good for Rallying so he’s definitely a good choice.

Best Heroes for Defending the Settlement Against Other Players

Defending your settlement is very, very important. But it’s also tons of fun, considering you will be up against other human players. For this activity, there aren’t absolute best Heroes to consider, as those who are good are Patrolling are always a good choice. The only exception is Maddie & Frank, a Legendary Hero who comes with a Settlement Attack skill. Trish, Wolfe, Zoe, and Ash also provide a variety of other bonuses that can be quite useful in case your settlement is under attack.

Best Heroes for Defending the Settlement Against Infected

Defending your settlement against the Infected doesn’t work too differently from defending it against other players. The Heroes mentioned above with the Patrolling specialization are very good choices, but so are those with the Infected bonuses like Travis and Nikola. The two, as already mentioned, are Tier 1 characters so you can unlock them even if not a whole lot of in-game days have passed.

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State of Survival Best Heroes for All Activities


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