Star Wars: Force Arena has just been launched on the App Store and Google Play and, as anticipated in our positive review of the game, everybody seems to love this game! We’ve already offered a helping hand by sharing some tips and tricks for the game, but now it’s time to get more in depth!

Today, we’ll check out a complete Star Wars: Force Arena guide on how to unlock all heroes (or Leaders, as the game calls them) both for the Rebels, as well as the Empire. It won’t be easy and normally it won’t be fast – but you probably expect that already. However, it will surely be extremely fun!

So if you want to get a few more options for yourself and your decks, you definitely want to have more Leaders at your disposal. Here are some tips and tricks on how to unlock all heroes / leaders in Star Wars Force Arena! Make sure to read all the way to the end for even more goodies!

1. Complete the missions
The fastest and easiest way to get new Leaders is to complete the basic missions in the game. Tap the missions icon in the upper right corner and play the game with the goal of completing missions in mind. Make sure to collect the reward as soon as you complete a mission, otherwise it won’t unlock the next one, so progress will be a little slower. Also look at the special missions available in the game as they might have Leaders as a reward as well. I recently found a guide to the in-game missions and the leaders you get from completing each mission. Check it out here.

2. Trade cards
This is going to be really difficult, but it is one option. Using the trader, you can trade 1 Unique card to get a random Legendary card. Also, you can trade a Legendary card in order to get another Legendary card. Since heroes are always Legendary, that’s the way to go.

3. Open card packs
Every card pack has a small chance of giving you a brand new Leader or one that you already have in Star Wars: Force Arena. However, if you want to get even more chances at scoring one, you should go for the Diamond Pack available for purchase in the shop. It costs a huge 2090 Crystals, but it guarantees a Legendary card. However, I did get a new Leader from opening my first Platinum Pack – so that can be done as well, just that you’re not guaranteed a drop.

4. Special events
There will most likely be all sorts of special events and rewards in the game. Logging in daily increases your chances of finding about these special events and unlocking new Leaders so make sure that you’re active and log in at least once per day in order to increase your chances of getting new Heroes.

Below we have a list of Star Wars Force Arena Leaders and details on how to unlock faster (if unlockable by completing Basic missions):

Star Wars: Force Arena Rebel Leaders

Luke Skywalker: unlocked by default
Princess Leia: unlocked by default
Han Solo: unlocked after completing mission 1
Lando Calrissian: unlocked after completing mission 3
Ezra Bridger: unlocked after completing mission 6
Sabine Wren: unlock from card packs
Baze Malbus: unlock from completing mission 8
Captain Cassian Andor: Unlock from card packs
Jyn Erso: unlock from card packs
Bodhi Rook: unlock from card packs

Star Wars: Force Arena Empire Leaders

– Emperor Plapatine: unlocked from card packs (initially, I wrote that he is unlocked by default, apparently not the case)
Bossk: unlocked from card packs (initially, I wrote that he is unlocked by default, apparently not the case)
Boba Fett: unlocked by completing mission 2
Darth Vader: unlocked by completing mission 7
Dengar: unlocked by completing mission 4
The Grand Inquisitor: unlocked from Card Packs
Agent Kallus: unlocked from Card Packs
Grand Moff Tarkin: unlocked by completing mission 9
Director Orson Krennic: unlocked from Card Packs
Grand Admiral Thrawn: unlocked from Card Packs

So this would be our guide on the Star Wars Force Arena Leaders and how to unlock them all. If you have other methods or tips and tricks for fellow players to unlock them faster, please share them in the content section below.

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  1. I personaly dissagree with you for empire leader that unlocked by default. First time I play it, I got Krennic then Bobba Fett. I think its tottally unique/ random for every player for empire side.

    • It might be the case – I considered that as well, but when I saw that early on I was playing against people with the same leaders as I had, I thought the first two unlocks are the same for everybody.

  2. I first got Luke and Leila for the rebels also but for the empire I got Krennic first and then I got the grand inquisitor. So at least the empire are random.

  3. Easier way to get Vader or choose any legendary character complete the quest line A New Hope after finishing this you get a legendary card pack allowing you to pick any legendary character in the game. I took Vader was going to go with Ezra but already have Luke at LV 2 and other good guys.


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