South Park: Phone Destroyer has been keeping us extremely busy over the weekend and one of the things that we’ve noticed is that we never seem to have enough cards. There’s always the need for more and that’s what we’re going to focus on in today’s article: how to get more cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer.

One of the most important things to have in mind here is that this is a type of game that requires dedication and it is slow paced. You won’t be able to unlock all cards available and get them into great shape without spending solid time (and eventually money) actually playing the game. The money part offers just a shortcut, but you can still get a lot from the game by simply playing without spending any money.

You also have to climb up the ranks in PvP mode in order to increase the quality of potential rewards you get from card packs… so everything you do in the game will eventually aid your quest to getting more cards in South Park Phone Destroyer.

But we’re here to talk actual methods and have an overview of all potential ways to getting more cards in this awesome game. Here they are:

1. The PvP packs
This is probably the best method in the game and the easiest way to get a ton of great cards. You need 3 wins in order to unlock a card pack. Then, you have to wait 4 hours before you can unlock a new one. Rinse and repeat.

You can spend Cash (the premium currency) in order to reset the counter and some people say that this is the best way to spend your Cash, as opposed to buying Card Packs. And, as things stand currently, I would say that it is correct. Here’s why:

The cheapest card pack costs 500 Cash and gives you 10 cards, 25 upgrade items and 1,500 coins. For 500 Cash, you can reset the PvP counter 11 times. If you turn all these into PvP card packs, you will get around 22 Cards, plus regular coins and upgrade items. Better value for your money, with a potentially major downside: You have to play and win 33 PvP matches in order to get these rewards.

Things get more and more complicated as you climb up the ranks, but judging from a monetary perspective, you get more for your real life money by unlocking the PvP packs early.

2. The free packs
Every 4 hours, you receive 1 free card pack. Up to two can be stashed, so make it a habit to come back to the game every 4 to 8 hours in order to grab your free rewards. This is extremely useful in building a strong deck without spending any real money.

3. Join an alliance

This feature is still not very popular because many players haven’t found it yet. But you should join an alliance ASAP in order to reap on the benefits!

In order to join an alliance, simply go to the PvP building, then swipe to the left – you will be taken to the alliance screen. From there, you can join a said alliance and you should aim to find one with many active members.

Once in an alliance, you can ask daily for cards: you choose the card you want to request and you can receive up to 12 common cards and 3 rare ones per day from fellow alliance members. This is an amazing way for you to get a ton of common cards and upgrade the ones you use the most.

Don’t forget to also donate cards to fellow members as no active alliance will welcome those who only ask but give nothing in return! Plus, for every donation you make, you receive some coins and XP points in return.

4. Special events

There will always be special events in the game, giving you the chance to win some extra cards for performing various tasks. At the moment of writing this article, there’s an event that requires you to play specific cards in order to unlock new packs. So keep an eye on these events and make sure you get the most out of them!

5. The PvP & Coin shop

You can spend your regular coins and PvP coins in the shop to purchase Cards or upgrade Items. You can also purchase clothes and items for your Kid, but that’s just a waste of money.

I would personally recommend buying cards with PvP tickets since the regular coins are needed for upgrading your cards and they’re not easy to get. Just hold onto your tickets and spend them on cards that you really need (those you already use in your deck!)

6. Play and replay single player missions
There are great potential card rewards from playing and replaying the single player missions in campaign mode. Check out the “Best loot” to see what cards you can win and play those missions over and over again. There is no guarantee that you will actually win those cards, but you still have to do it!

7. Buy card packs

This is the pretty obvious one and fortunately, it’s not something that you must do in order to progress. But if you want to get cards and do it faster than playing and winning PvP battles by resetting the counter, you can definitely spend some real life money on card packs.

Have in mind that the more expensive the card pack, the better the rewards for your money. Just make sure you don’t bust the bank in real life for those packs!

Additional reading: our beginner-friendly cheats & tips for the game || PvP battle tips || List of the best cards in the game. More guides coming soon, so make sure you check back with us often!

These would be, for now, all the ways you can get more cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer. If you find some other easy ways to do it, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.


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