Silent Hill: Ascension Mindfulness Puzzles Guide: Guitar

Looking for some help solving the Mindfulness Guitar puzzle in Silent Hill: Ascension? Here is all you need to know!

Guitar puzzles are a part of the Mindfulness mode in Silent Hill: Ascension. They are also, in our opinion, among the most fun and engaging puzzles in the game. Here’s how to solve them while enjoying some amazing Akira Yamaoka tunes!

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How to solve the Guitar puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension

Screenshot by Touch, Tap, Play

Following in the footsteps of the best rhythm games for Android, Silent Hill: Ascension Guitar puzzles take you on a musical journey through gameplay. Each level features a song by Akira Yamaoka, and all you need to do to win is—play along.

The puzzle’s interface consists of a classical six-string guitar fret. As the song progresses, certain notes will be marked. You need to hit them all before the chord changes to reach a good score. There’s really nothing more to it—all that is required of you is some finger agility and a decent sense of rhythm.

Why Silent Hill: Ascension Guitar (and other Mindfulness) puzzles matter

Guitar puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension are a core component of the Mindfulness game mode. Each game in this mode gives you the chance to earn Hope for specific characters. With enough Hope, characters have a better chance of getting out of challenging in-game situations unscathed. On the other hand, those with little Hope could face dire consequences.

It’s worth noting that solo performance in Guitar and other Mindfulness puzzles isn’t the most important. Rather, the game takes the average performance of all players and estimates whether it was enough to award Hope. If not, the character in question will have their Hope reduced.

If you’re interested in more Silent Hill: Ascension puzzle guides, check out our Lockbox puzzle guide or dive into the game’s details with our strategy guide. Most importantly, share with us which song from Silent Hill: Ascension you liked the most—Laura Plays the Piano is among our favorites!


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Silent Hill: Ascension Mindfulness Puzzles Guide: Guitar