How to Solve Lockbox Puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension

Solving puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension is one of the most engaging game modes. It’s also a fun way to earn Influence Points that let you participate in the interactive sections. Here’s how to solve Lockbox puzzles in the game.

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Before we start, it’s worth mentioning that Locbox puzzles are one of four puzzle types you can find under the Arcane tab on the Arcane Library page. If you’re playing without a Season Pass, you’ll only be able to access one puzzle, and the available puzzles will change daily. In other words, the F2P model might not let you play Lockbox puzzles every day.

A comprehensive guide to Silent Hill: Ascension Lockbox puzzles

The first level of Lockbox puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension is easy to pass. This level serves as the tutorial, so the game will guide you through the entire puzzle until completion. That’s why we won’t focus on level 1 here; instead, we’ll jump straight to level 2.

Before we start, let’s quickly go through the main elements of Silent Hill: Ascension Lockbox puzzles. Each puzzle contains two knobs on either side of the puzzle box. The center space has spikes that you can move by turning the knobs, and the goal of the puzzle is to clear all spikes, i.e., leave the center space empty.

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In Lockbox puzzle level 2, you’ll see two spikes on the left side and two spikes plus a nail head on the right. Follow these steps to solve the puzzle:

  1. Turn the left knob once to the left.
  2. Next, turn the same knob to the right three times.
  3. Turn the left knob to the left four times to get rid of the remaining spikes.
  4. Turn the right knob to the left two times.
  5. Turn the same knob to the right four times.

This method will allow you to solve the puzzle in 14 turns total. If you do it fast enough, the entire process shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. As a result, you’ll receive the maximum number of stars (three) for passing level 2.

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How to Solve Lockbox Puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension