Silent Hill: Ascension Mindfulness Puzzles Guide: Tiles

Interested in how to solve the Tiles puzzle in Silent Hill: Ascension? Our guide gives you a foolproof method for just that!

Silent Hill: Ascension has numerous puzzles to solve in the game’s Arcane Library, including Mindfulness puzzles that affect the destiny of the characters. Here’s a method for solving Tiles, one of the types of puzzles in the game.

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How to solve the Tiles puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension Mindfulness mode

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As noted in our Silent Hill: Ascension strategy guide, players can participate in several mini-games found in the Arcane Library. These games grant you IP and XP rewards, but Mindfulness puzzles have an additional purpose: they may decide how specific characters fare throughout the story.

Tiles puzzles in the Mindfulness section of Silent Hill: Ascension represent a digital version of the classic slide puzzles. The tiles form a picture, and you must slide them in the right place to reveal the image.

This means there’s no special guide for solving tile puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension. Instead, we can offer several useful tips that apply to all slide puzzles:

  1. Assign a number to each tile for easier navigation, with the top-left tile being number 1. The one on the right should be number 2, etc. Make sure to number the tiles according to where they should be when you complete the puzzle;
  2. Get tile no. 1 in its spot (the top left corner);
  3. Fill the rest of the top row in the correct order;
  4. Get the tiles in the first column in order. In other words, make sure tiles 1, 5, and 8 are in place;
  5. Rotate the remaining tiles until they fall in place.

Why are Tiles puzzles important in Silent Hill: Ascension?

Solving tile puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension is a part of the Mindfulness game mode. This mode (and all puzzles in it) can give characters in the game Hope, making them more likely to survive in special events.

Rather than individual, Mindfulness puzzles are a group effort. The puzzle will only be successful if the average performance from the entire community is positive. In that case, a character will receive Hope. If unsuccessful, the character will lose Hope.

If these useful tips for Silent Hill: Ascension helped you out, tell us how you did with the Tiles puzzles and how much time it took to solve them!


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Silent Hill: Ascension Mindfulness Puzzles Guide: Tiles