Second Galaxy: Best Nation and Best Career to Choose

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If you are curious or simply uncertain about which nation and career to choose then let me shed some light on what each of them give and give you a better understanding of all the careers in Second Galaxy.

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Now you probably know that we have already put together a complete Second Galaxy nations guide right here, so if you want to have a quick look at the nations, learn more about them and about how their ships operate, then make sure you check that out first hand!

Now that you learned a little about the nations, you might wonder about which one is the best! Well, if you haven’t paid close attention to what we mentioned in that article, it really doesn’t matter which nation you go for, as all of them are powerful in their own way and had various weapon systems which differ when it comes to the fighting ways.

Now when it comes to the Careers, it’s a whole different story! The careers are some skills which you start with at the very beginning, but will only take effect later on once you have unlocked the features.

The careers are available for all of the nations and offer the same features to all the nations, no matter which one you choose.

The careers empower certain features of the game, such as improved fire power, shield management, energy control and much more. But for a further explanation of what each career provides, let me explain:

Second Galaxy – Soldier Career

The Soldier class is good for improving the firepower and precision when you are hitting the enemy ships, giving a boost to weapon production and also to the Wingman attack.

It’s a good class for the ones who are looking to further boost their damage and the pilots who want to engage in fights often, and win them.

Starting points: weapon enhancers and weapon production

Second Galaxy – Scientist Career

The Scientists are masters at improving their processor and shield management, so that makes them a good career choice if you wan to either go for a tankier main ship, improving constantly a ship’s shield or simply trying to be a little more tanky.

The Scientists will also boost the ship production and provide a Radio Wave Scanner, so it’s a good choice for those who want to boost these things.

Starting points: shield rechargers and ship production

Second Galaxy – Engineer Career

The Engineer will improve the reactor units and give a boost to the energy control, making firing attacks and skills much more manageable. The attachment production and Gravitational Wave Scanner are also provided to the pilots who choose a career as an Engineer.

This is the career that I have chosen, and I have to say that it was a pretty tough choice between the Scientist and Engineer, but eventually went with the Engineer as I said. It proves to be pretty good overall, even though I am curious how it would have been with the Scientist.

Starting points: energy rechargers and attachment production

Second Galaxy – Explorer Career

The Explorers improve the propulsion enhancement which makes exploring and traveling long distances much easier. The Explorers are basically looking to make missions easier by making the distances much more manageable with these speed boosts.

They also get a bonus to dispatch rewards and EM Wave Scanner. If you want to make this your career, it is good when it comes to completing missions and whatnot, but if you want to battle mainly, one of the other careers might be more beneficial to you.

Starting points: thruster enhancement devices and scanners

Now you will first choose your career when you first create your character, but it’s not like it’s going to be such a big deal or a deal breaker if you made the “wrong” choice early on, because you will be able to upgrade everything the way you want it eventually.

This is only for the early game, to give you a certain boost, and if you want to further boost these stats, you can do so by leveling up. They really will not be anything super decisive in the game, so don’t worry about it!

Second Galaxy – Which career to choose at the beginning?

All of these arise a pretty normal question: which is the best career to choose at the beginning? Well, since in the end game it doesn’t really matter, because this is solely for the early game, I could plainly say that it doesn’t matter!

But to really tell you the truth, I think that if you want to have a slight edge when fighting the enemies, you should go for the Soldier career. If you want to have an overall good ship, then Scientist or Engineer will be just fine, and if you want to move faster and such, the Explorer should do the trick.

And now that we’ve explored the Careers a little into more detail, you should make sure that you check our game guide as well to learn even more about the game! Also, which is your favorite career? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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Second Galaxy: Best Nation and Best Career to Choose

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