One of the nicest things about the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise and the recently released RCT Touch as well is the ability we have to design our own coasters for the peeps visiting our park. However, a nice feature can quickly turn out into a nightmare since there are limitations and various design options that complicate things a bit.

I am here to help you get the most out of this feature by sharing a quick Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch design guide to coasters: how to build one fast and get the most out of it, without going crazy that it’s too long or too boring.

First and extremely important is not to worry about the space these huge constructions take up. You can have roads and buildings built beneath, so there really is no problem. The only thing that needs their own space is the Station, as it works just like any other building.

Second, you should really look at the upgrades you have available as they can make your ride better. You are guaranteed to get the intensity and excitement bonus of the components, as well as the special inserts. So the higher the level of those, the better your score in the end.

Finally, you should know that things seem to run decently no matter what. So even if you build a completely bland coaster with no extra goodies, you will still get peeps riding it and decent bonuses to their satisfaction. So you DON’T have to invest too much time in building the perfect ride. But you might want to, and it’s not too difficult!

Taking a quick break for a breath of air: if you are interested in more RCT Touch-related content, don’t hesitate to check out our general guide for beginners and our guide on making more coins in the game.

Back to design ideas for your Coasters in RCT Touch, the biggest limit in the game when it comes to building them is the maximum length you are allowed to use. Inserting special elements/inserts will prove that you will reach that maximum length extremely fast. And you should use all that you have available because, as I said, these inserts guarantee extra points for your coaster.

My suggestion, when it comes to designing the ride, is to go for the traditional, oval form for the ride. Start building the elements and connect your ride to the end. Afterwards, you will edit it, making things a lot more fun!

After connecting the tracks, you should insert the special elements. In many cases – especially early on with the Wooden Coaster – inserting more than one Special Insert will take up most of your space – but use them for the guaranteed points: ideally, one at the beginning and one towards the end of the track. Here’s one of my designs:

Now comes the more difficult part that you can easily skip if you want to: adding some extra thrill to your ride. In order to do this, you will have to select each individual node by tapping them, then using the three different control options: move the node, raise or lower the track and turn it to the sides. We’ll talk about all below:

– moving nodes is only required when the length of the track needs to be adjusted. You will earn or lose track length if you raise or lower the track and moving it will win you some extra meters.

– lower or raise the track in order to get the thrills going! I am not sure there is an effect of raising or lowering the tracks. In the design I shared with you, I tried and removed the high platform completely and I still got the same exact score. In other words, all these extras might be just design things, and not actually have any effect on your ride.

– the same goes about the third option: twist the tracks to the left or right to get people crazy. Again, I didn’t see any noticeable effect when adding/removing these.

So in the end, the most important part when it comes to designing your own coaster ride in Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch is to make ends meet and insert the special elements that you have available. Anything else seems to be more of a personal taste / design option and not a direct influencer on the stats of your ride.


  1. Everything was ok running smoothly, had 76% satisfaction or so, and suddenly the satisfaction drops to 0% and everyone leaves, does anyone knows something about this???

    • Follow up: If your satisfaction suddenly plummets it’s because your ride/ restaurant prices are too high and whatever grace period that allowed it not to affect is over. Should set it about two notches before expensive and your sat will start rising.

  2. So I’m level 25, I have three different coasters, and a bunch of special inserts to use. But whenever I try to edit the nodes of a coaster, no matter where they’re located, the special insert option is always grayed out. 🙁 Am I doing something wrong?

  3. It says I need to connect foot path to steel coaster and helter skelter which I thought built foots paths but still days no connections.

  4. Same issue as Heather. No matter the height of the tracks, I cannot get my special tracks to come available. It stays grayed out. So many special tracks and I can’t use them! 🙁 what an I doing wrong?

    • Hey! So when your making the coaster you can’t add the special insert to the last node. Choose a node somewhere in the middle or the node right before the end of the track to add the insert. Hope that helps!

  5. Hey! So when your making the coaster you can’t add the special insert to the last node. Choose a node somewhere in the middle or the node right before the end of the track to add the insert. Hope that helps!