Atari has just launched RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch on the App Store and the game is surprisingly good. Fans of the series are treated to a nice, freemium remake and even though there are diehard fans of the series that find reasons to complain, I personally believe that we should congratulate Atari for the game. We love playing it and have been playing it like crazy since its launch – and we’ve already shared with you some RCT Touch tips and tricks.

Today now we’re going to get a bit more in depth with various aspects of the game and we’ll start with RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch coins. Or money, or whatever you call the regular currency that you normally get from all those cool buildings you have in your theme park. How to get more RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch coins / money, actually – because that’s all that matters right now!

As you probably know already, especially early on in the game, you will quickly get to a point when you have zero coins left and you’re wondering what you did wrong. Well, you did nothing wrong (most likely), but we’re here to help you make sure that those moments are rare and less disappointing. So let’s find out how to make more money in RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch / RCT Touch!

1. Prepare for the missions
Missions in RCT Touch are timed and many will seem very difficult to complete. However, you can make them a bit easier following this trick: many missions will require you to upgrade a card, place a number of cards and other card-related things. For those especially, it’s worth keeping your cards not upgraded and in your hand. As soon as you get a mission, just place the required cards (or upgrade or whatever the requirements are) and you will get the mission done, bagging a nice reward hopefully of many coins. You won’t lose a lot either, but if you are worried about that, keep your rides and services upgraded and not the coasters and decorations.

2. Be smart when it comes to upgrading cards
Upgrading cards is not just a requirement for completing missions – it’s also something you want to do for your attractions to generate more coins and hold more coins for when you’re away. However, upgrading cards is extremely expensive. That’s why you want to place your money-producing cards first and upgrade them only when you have none left to place. The thinking behind this is very simple: an upgraded card won’t produce more than an extra attraction in your park!

3. Set Prices
Don’t forget to set the prices for your attractions. As soon as you place them, you should tap them and increase the price by 1. Don’t go any higher, as the peeps won’t be happy, but you can easily increase the price by one for all rides/shops you place and get no penalty.

4. Be smart with decorations
Decorations are extremely important when it comes to the amount of money each ride generates per hour. Therefore, you should make sure that you place them and your rides in such a way that a maximum number of decorations affects them. It would be ideal to start with this in mind early on, but probably you haven’t. I would suggest to go through a complete re-design of your park at level 9-10 and do the following:

Place all your restaurants and shops to one side – it doesn’t seem that this has any effect on income or peeps’ satisfaction. Then, group the rides together in large squares, leaving a + pattern between them. So in every corner you will have rides, while on the lines, you will have decorations to maximize the revenue an decoration bonus. Don’t forget about the decorations with a huge area of effect – have those nearby as well, in a central area dedicated to this type of decoration (as they will all have about 4 squares size). This will maximize profits and make everything a lot easier in terms of making more money in RCT Touch.

5. Marketing
Once you hit level 9, you will unlock the option to market your park. In other words, you can watch an ad and get 5% more peeps for the next 3 hours. Try to watch ads constantly in order to keep a steady flow of extra people visiting your park.

6. Log in often
You don’t have to log in very often, but often will help. If your money-producing buildings will max out, they will not accumulate extra coins and you can consider that lost revenue. Even more, they can break and cost you all the money they had accumulated. Therefore, try to log in often and collect revenue often in order to keep everything running smoothly and your pockets full of cash!

These would be our recommended methods for making more coins in Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch. If you have other strategies, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.


  1. I put TeePees next to the Helter Skelter & it reduced the Revenue :-/ … next time, if you’re going to do a report, include everything like which decorations go with which rides! :-/

  2. Yea, the moving all the restaurants to one side was terrible. All the peeps got mad faces and said they couldn’t find anywhere to eat and went home. The rating went from 83% to 72% within 5 minutes and the number of peeps went from 255 to 223.

  3. Guys if u played the game longer you know the peeps react that way anytime you move stuff around you have to give them sometime to get used to the new location and they will be fine ! Relax it’s still just a game and the writer was just trying to help geez

  4. I have squares set up for four 2×2 buildings, like bathrooms, some restaurants, etc, kinda like doing the + thing, then I have all of the rides along the outside edges and put the decorations behind them. The decorations still bring up satisfaction without wasting space inside the area where the peeps walk.

  5. I wanted to play on this amazing game but when I was logging on my screen completely froze no matter how many times I tried.