Gameloft’s successful jousting game Rival Knights uses two different types of currencies: the Gold Coins and the Gems, with the latter being the premium currency which can be purchased for real money (and spent on some really top goodies in the game). We are here to help you out a little bit and share with you some tips and tricks on how to get more Gold and Gems in Rival Knights, without spending a fortune or any money if you are really patient. Because, yes, you can still play and win these currencies for free.

So if your Knight still uses the starting equipment, maybe it’s time to check out our Rival Knights guide on how to get more gold coins and gems!

How to get Gold Coins easily

Earning coins is actually pretty easy and you will get a chance to earn a lot by playing the game and progressing naturally. Therefore, all these activities give you coins:

– play and win single player games in the “story” mode.
– play and win multiplayer games in the Events section
– Rank high in the multiplayer events to get rewards
– Be active in the events to get the participation bonus (19 fights give you 300 gold coins, while 38 give you 1,000)

Apart from that, there are a few extra tricks that you’d love to know when it comes to making even more Gold Coins in Rival Knights:

– Go for perfect rounds. Learning to get the Perfect Start is the easiest thing to do (play with the sound on and learn the rhythm: just tap to go after the I message appears). This gives you 30 extra coins, no matter if you win or lose. You can get another 30 extra coins from getting the perfect speed bonus which is easy to get if you hit 6 perfect runs (tap while on green) and finally, you can get 30 coins more per match if you manage to do a perfect hit. This is the most difficult to get since you need to hit a very small point, but even the first two can give you quite some extra coins for free in the game!

– If you decided to spend Gems and take part in the Echelon tournament, there are great awards waiting for you. For example, even if you lose in the second round, you still win 500 gold coins!

– Train a lot early on. Find the training stage in each level during the single player missions and train on the Expert difficulty to get the most coins. If you add to them the extra bonuses you might earn, you will get a nice sum of money relatively quick. So focus on the early training sessions that you can easily win and pile enough money for the better horse (the Bay Nogai Hobby) and then the other weapons/armor.

How to Get more Gems in Rival Knights

This one is a bit more difficult, as we’re talking about premium currency and you can’t get it easily for free (but you can always pay for a decent amount). There are still ways to get some gems in the game:

– Play the single player missions. Some of them will simply reward you with gems when completing them. Free Gems!
– Win the Hero’s Challenge events. Actually, even if you’re not winning but finish in the top 3, you will still earn some free gems, plus extra goodies.
– Win the Echelon Event. It does cost 10 Gems to register, but if you manage to win it, you get 40 Gems. Even if you get the second spot, you still earn 20 gems for a profit of 10 gems. And you only need to defeat 3 Knights for 2nd place (but make sure you go there with a really high quality horse and equipment and you are active enough, because one match per day is played).

And this would be our tips and tricks on getting more Gold Coins and Gems in Rival Knights. Hopefully they will help you get the best possible equipment and win it all easily!

If you need more help, check out our general tips & cheats article, add more Rival Knights friends or read our tips on how to earn more Seals. Have fun!


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