Playing Rival Knights with the game connected on Facebook and friends added gives you some nice bonuses in the game, from getting free seals to bonuses in the Events section of the game. However, since you might be like me and don’t have many real friends playing the game, you might want to add more Rival Knights friends using other methods. We’ve created this article to help you achieve that goal!

How it works? Pretty simple: if you want to add more Rival Knights friends, simply copy the URL of your Facebook profile and put it in the comments section below. People who visit this Add Me page will add you to their friends list and you can both share the benefits. Please have in mind that we have no control over who adds you and it would be recommended to add the new friends to a group dedicated to gaming where you don’t share any personal information. It’s up to you to decide how to use it!

But one thing is sure: you will get more Facebook friends this way and you can add them to Rival Knights to play the game and get free Seals and extra points in the Events. Good luck!

If you need more help with this great game, you can check out our general Rival Knights tips and tricks article too!



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