Rival Knights Cheats: Tips & Tricks Strategy Guide


Gameloft have just launched Rival Knights on the App Store and the jousting game proves to be a lot more fun than one would expect. It’s also really difficult, and this is the reason why I have decided to create this article and share with you a set of Rival Knights cheats – tips and tricks that will create the ultimate strategy guide for the game.

So saddle up and prepare to climb the ranks with the help of our Rival Knights cheats and tips that you can check out below!

NOTE: At the moment of writing, the Championship events (multiplayer battles) were unavailable and we can’t offer tips on them, but we’ve entered an Echelon Tournament which is probably similar, but costs premium currency.

1. Get free Royal Seals
I am sure you don’t like to wait for the Royal Seals to fill up every now and then and if you don’t, there is a little cheat you can try to fill them up: simply quit the game and go to the device’s settings and change the date to something in the future. When you get back in Rival Knights, you will have your seals filled!

UPDATE: This is still working sometimes. Check out our Rival Knights seals guide for a complete guide on how to use this cheat to get free Seals.

2. How to upgrade for a perfect knight
There are 4 things that you can upgrade on your knight to improve its stats: Helms and Armor increase defense, Horses upgrades increase your speed and Lances increase your Power. You can also change the Emblem, but that doesn’t affect anything.

I would suggest to focus on upgrading the defense first. It’s a passive skill that you don’t need any accuracy with to get any bonus: simply, the higher your defense, the better. If it’s higher than your opponent’s, then you automatically win in that category. And since you need to win in two out of three categories to win the joust, it’s an easy win!

Second, I would suggest you upgrade your horse to increase its speed. Hitting the perfect starts is easy, then with a bit of practice you can easily get the top speed for an extra bonus. Finally, the Lance is the last to upgrade because I find it the most difficult to aim and most difficult to master. Therefore, master the defense and speed and you’re all set!

3. Hit the perfect runs
If you manage to get a perfect start, maximum speed bonus AND maximum power bonus by getting a perfect hit, you will cause a “Critical Hit” on your opponent, which means that you will get an increased value for all your stats, making it easier to win the fight. Even if you can’t get that perfect hit (like I can’t), it’s still good to try and go for the max speed and perfect start for the 60 coins bonus that is extremely useful!

4. Training has difficulty settings!
Unfortunately, you can’t replay already won battles to make an easy extra coin, but you will have in each stage a Training option that you can play over and over again. Personally, I would suggest spending at least a dozen of Seals in Training sessions – you can also set a difficulty by tapping the button near “Training” and increase that difficulty to gain more coins. Try the hardest first and if it is too much to handle, go one level down. The idea is to take part in as many Training matches as possible on the highest possible level to get some otherwise really hard to get coins. Basically, this is the only way to get the coins without spending real money on them.

5. Don’t use the boosts unless you really need them
You will receive some free boosts in Rival Knights that you can use before the match starts, but I would recommend keeping those for later stages when you will really need them. Stick to them during the first five bosses because you can easily beat them with your own skill.

6. Helms over Armor
I am not sure if Gameloft will nerf the helms in the future, but right now purchasing them is cheat and increases your defense a lot. So focus on getting the best possible helm and don’t upgrade it. Just a few stages later, you’ll be able to get an even better one, the Nogai Helm. You can start upgrading that a few times and you’ll have a really decent defense to go into battle with!

7. Buy the lightest equipment available
Horses can only carry a specific load and equipment is really heavy. Therefore, invest in the more expensive but lighter equipment. Also, there is no need to buy all the pieces equipment. Save money and wait to get a better one when you afford it. Make sure it’s light so you can actually get to use it!

These would be for now our Rival Knights cheats and tips for those who play and enjoy this game. We’ll update the article with more if we find them, so remember to check back with us soon!

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Rival Knights Cheats: Tips & Tricks Strategy Guide



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