Fire Emblem Heroes is a new free-to-play mobile strategy RPG game. Developed by Nintendo for IOS and Android, it allows you to play the legendary Fire Emblem series on your mobile phone. This guide will explain to you how to obtain and the best build for Rainkah, a Scion of Flame.

How to Obtain Rinkah in Fire Emblem Heroes

To obtain Rinkah in Fire Emblem Heroes you need to pull her out of summoning. Rinkah is a character that may be pulled out from any summon. So it is not so difficult to get her.

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Rinkah Skills in Fire Emblem Heroes

Here are all skills Rinkah has in Fire Emblem Heroes at 5 stars.

Rinkah Club is her weapon. When the enemy initiates combat or Rinkah’s HP is not full the Club grants her additional +5 Atk and Def stats. Also, it provides you with a special cooldown charge +1 for each enemy’s attack during combat.

Bonfire boost Rinkah damage for a number based on 50% of the unit’s Def. Skill’s Cooldown Count is 3.

Distant Foil grants Rinkah additional +5 Atk and Def stats when she is attacked with sword, axe, lance, dagger, bow, or beast. Also, she can counterattack the enemy on any range.

Wrath 3 gives Rinkah +10 special damage at the start of turn when it triggers. It activates when Rinkah has 75% HP or less. Its Cooldown Count is 1.

Even Def Wave 3 gives Rinkah and her allies nearby additional +6 Def for 1 turn at starts of even-numbered turns.

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Rinkah Best Build in Fire Emblem Heroes

The best build for Rinkah in Fire Emblem Heroes starts from IV choice. Rinkah is a character that prefers to push and make follow-up attacks. So you need to improve Spd stat. Also, she doesn’t fit for tanking magic spells. So the best IV choice is +Spd/-Res.

Here is a good variation of build with Rinkah as a tanky fighter. You need characters with the next skills: Reposition, Bonfire, Distant Foil, Quick Riposte 3, Wrath 3, Odd Atk Wave 3.

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