Sigurd in Fire Emblem Heroes guide

Fire Emblem Heroes is a new free-to-play mobile strategy-RPG. Developed by Nintendo for Android and IOS it allows you to play the legendary series on your mobile phone. This guide will explain to you how to play with Sigurd, a holy knight.

How to Obtain Sigurd in Fire Emblem Heroes

To obtain Sigurd in Fire Emblem Heroes you need to pull him from summon. Sigurd can be pulled from any of them.

Sigurd Skills in Fire Emblem Heroes

Here are all skills Sigurd has in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Divine Tyrfing increases his resistance for 3 when Sigurd is in combat against foe using magic. Also, he receives 50% less damage from the first hit.

Miracle increases your survivability. It will save 1 HP when the enemy will try to last hit you. The Miracle’s cooldown count is 5.

Close Def 3 grants Sigurd 6 additional Def/Res stats when he is attacked with the sword, axe, lance, dragonstone, or beast damage.

Crusader’s Ward reduces the damage from the second consecutive attack Sigurd gets from an enemy 2 spaces away. The amount of reduced damage is 80%.

Spd Smoke 3 decreases the Spd of enemies within 2 spaces of the attacked target after combat. The amount of Spd decrease is 7.

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Sigurd Best Build in Fire Emblem Heroes

The best build for Sigurd in Fire Emblem Heroes starts from IV choice. You need to maximize his speed to increase Sigurd’s mobility and survivability by preventing follow-up attacks against him. The best choice is +Spd/-Def.

There are two main builds for Sigurd in Fire Emblem Heroes. The first one is a tank variation. You need to choose characters with the next skills: Reposition, Aether, Quick Riposte 3, Spd Smoke 3, Heavy Blade 3, Close Def 3. Another build is created for Distant Counter. You will need to choose characters with this one and the following skills: Blue Flame, Reposition, Heavy Blade 3, Spd Smoke 3, Quick Riposte 3. That was all about Sigurd in Fire Emblem Heroes. Good luck with your adventures.

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