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Call of Duty: Mobile is well known for its unique challenges and their rare rewards. Most recently, Activision deployed the Season 2 update and along with it, the company also added two new Seasonal Challenges – Pyrotechnics and Rifle Steamroller to the game. While we have already made a dedicated guide on the Pyrotechnics challenge, in this article, we’ll take a detailed look at COD Mobile’s Rifle Steamroller challenge.

Rifle Steamroller is a seven-part Seasonal Challenge and exactly as straight forward as the name implies. The challenge is all about using rifles to complete all the tasks. Like Pyrotechnics, the Rifle Steamroller isn’t specific to MP or BR and provides a variety of rewards including 25,000 Battle Pass XP.

From the challenge rewards to its missions, here’s everything about COD Mobile’s new Rifle Steamroller challenge.

COD Mobile Rifle Steamroller Challenge Walkthrough

Rifle Steamroller challenge


Build up your proficiency with Assault Rifles and earn the epic KN-44 Golden Talon!


The Pyrotechnics challenge will run from March 12 to April 17 (UTC).


Complete the below listed tasks to earn various rewards in the game.


  1. Kill 20 enemies with Assault Rifles.
  2. Kill 30 enemies with any Assault Rifle fitted with recommended Equipment.
  3. Kill 30 enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with any stock and 4 other attachments.
  4. Kill 30 enemies with any Assault Rifles equipped with any optic and 4 other attachments.
  5. Kill 30 enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with any Underbarrel attachment and 4 other attachments.
  6. Kill 30 enemies with any AS VAL.
  7. Kill 30 enemies with AS AL equipped with any 5 attachments.


  • (Uncommon) Combat Axe – Ripped Camo
  • (Uncommon) Backpack – Ripped Camo
  • (Rare) Charm – First Aid
  • (EpicKN-44 – Golden Talon

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