Revolve8: Tier List for Easier Wins

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In today’s article we have put together a Revolve8 tier list to help you see which are considered the best heroes in the game and which you shouldn’t bother as much to level up. 

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It is great to have all of the cards leveled up, of course, but always try to prioritize the cards that you most frequently use as well as the ones that are considered strong at the moment (even if they aren’t part of a deck that you are using at the moment). 

So if you would like to know the Revolve8 tier list, let’s not waste another second and jump right into it!

S Tier Cards:

The best of the best. These can help you win fights easier and even if some are a little more difficult to get, such as Snow White, once collected the deck will be close to invincible with a little practice.

– Snow White (good damage, decent defense, but she is Legendary Card, so it’s tougher to acquire)

– Urashima Taro (high damage defender, can take on anyone with ease)

– Fire Wisps (a lot of AoE damage)

– Red Riding Hood (easy to acquire, can fit in any deck and has overall very good stats)

– Honeybees (a lot of damage, even if they lack in HP)

– Clara (good and powerful card, she works really well with Snow White)

– Bean Drop (a very high damage AoE that can stun enemies in a small area)

– Blast Mortar (a very, very useful building that has a high range and damages enemy towers but you need to protect it)


A+ Tier Cards:

These are almost as good as the S Tier cards, and slightly better than the A tier ones. Some of these cards can work well on their own, or synergize good with other strong ones.

– Emperor (easy to acquire, rushes straight to tower and can take a lot of damage, and besides has a heal making him harder to kill)

– Cinderella (very high damage, and depending on the other cards in the deck she can be really powerful)

– Poison Apple (great DoT card which can destroy large packs of enemies)

– Snowman (is a good Snow White counter, so worth mentioning)

– Flock of Crow Goblins (a lot of damage, a lot of Crow Goblins!)

– Lilliput Archers (good long ranged minions)

– Ring Genie (quite decent hero, he inflicts massive damage to the enemy towers)

– Beehive (a very nice building that continuously spawns Bee Minions)

– Monkey King (he’s a cool guy who can spawn clones to hit enemies)


A Tier Cards:

There are some builds that use these cards and work well, but might need a lot of work and investment to be carried on in the late game.

– Kintaro (there are some good decks with Kintaro, especially for the early leagues, but he is decent later on as well)

– Card Squad (great damage especially against single target units such as towers or heroes)

– Star Money (a great spell which does a wide range AoE damage)

– Wicked Queen (the equivalent of Emperor, but slightly harder to get and not as cool!)

– Crow Goblins (decent damaging minions)

– Gigantic Turnip (does a lot of AoE damage in a small area)

– Momotaro (easy to acquire, has decent damage)

– Blue Ogres (decent long ranged minions)

– Mysterious Fire (produces Fire Wisps continuously)

– Rapunzel (another Legendary card that is strong, but is nowhere compared to Snow White because it’s not as easy to sustain her life)


B Tier Cards:

Can be good, but sometimes it can be difficult to win under some circumstances, and if the enemy is experienced.

– Card Soldiers (decent damaging single target minions)

– Fairy Godmother (she’s not a bad card, because of the knockback, but depends a lot on the situation)

– Otohime (good support, has a hinder which is good for aggro’ing enemies heading for the towers)

– Karen (does AoE damage in a small radius around her, and is quite tanky)

– Red Ogres (decent close ranged minions)

– Sinbad (decent supporter, can decimate groups of minions)

– Card Castle (not a bad building, it spawns continuously Card Soldiers)

– Bear (is a bear… a tanky bear!)

– Ray Beam (is a machine that is best placed upon an area that allows it to lock onto an enemy and deal a lot of damage)


C Tier Cards: 

I personally don’t prefer considering them in the decks, as there are other similar options that can work better.

– Thunder Drums (can stun 3 enemies, but there are better ways to stun enemies)

– Ogre Hut (may work for some decks, but is really not worth occupying a card slot)

– Flying Trunk (the Gigantic Turnip is better)

– Aladdin (even if he is a long ranged Attacker, he isn’t that amazing in my opinion, even though there are some decks that can work with him pretty well)

– Little Match Girl (she is a Marksman, but has pretty low hp and can be targeted quite easy if the deck isn’t built around her)

– Sleeping Beauty (she is a support, and is able to stun enemies)

– Wannabe Cannon (is a cannon that shoots out constant damage to incoming enemies)

And with this our Revolve8 tier list is complete. We strongly suggest that you take the time and learn every champion. You should definitely check out our deck building guide to help you put together a really nice and strong deck!

Also, if you want to know why the most powerful heroes are the way they are, you can see how to pair them well with other cards and heroes and learn a little about them in our best hero cards for Revolve8.

Thus being said, once you’re all set and ready to battle, take a look at our strategy guide to see how to fight every league game and how to properly deploy units depending on the enemy’s squad!

Finally, don’t forget that most likely some of the cards in Revolve8 will be nerfed and others will be boosted, based on player feedback. This might result in a S tier card getting worse long term or a C tier card climbing up the ranks. Or it might never happen. You can never know and never prepare for this, so put our tier list to good use until any changes happen.

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Revolve8: Tier List for Easier Wins

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